Make Adobe InDesign your best asset.

Adobe InDesign is an absolute must-know training course for anyone working in the graphic design and project industry. Academy Class, the UK’s leading digital media company, can make this powerful tool your best asset.

Offering the ‘masterclass’ experience in all things digital media, UK-based Academy Class’s Adobe InDesign course training will ensure you are ready to take any graphic design project head-on in your professional area.

InDesign is the gold standard application for anything print or digital, including brochures, printed books, posters, reports, e-books and plenty more.

“In order to become fully comprehensive as to how you can produce your best work within fields of the graphic design industry, becoming an expert in InDesign is paramount,” says Academy Class owner Mark Young.

Even creatively, InDesign is a top component in producing professional print in the form of magazines, books, mainstream print and all physical marketing material.

“The beauty of training in InDesign, is the real-world illustrations and applications the course learning entails,” explains Mark.

“Everything you learn is guaranteed to be industry-specific; meaning nothing you learn will not be able to be applied to your professional works,” Mark adds.

The Adobe-accredited and industry-experienced instructors of Academy Class are not only experts on the content of their courses but also have a plethora of industry experience that is evident in their instructing.

UK-based Academy Class promises that anyone can learn from the ground up to become an expert with no prior knowledge or experience needed.

Learn all the essential skills you need to reach your desired profession such as using InDesign frames, formatting with styles, managing linked files and missing fonts, workflow with Masterpages, defining colours, tints and gradients, using a swatches panel, artwork for prepress printing, manipulating of documents, work with tables, create interactive PDF documents, and many more crucial skills to add to an immense arsenal.

Professionals and aspiring professionals alike, Academy Class encourages you to lead the pack in your line of work and capitalise on Adobe InDesign’s masterclass experience. Take the first step in establishing yourself as an industry leader in graphic design, and unleash your creativity with one of Academy Class’ most prestigious certified courses.


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