Learning Paths

Mark Gatter’s Passion for Photoshop…AND InDesign

I’ve been training graphic design since 2000, so that is over a decade of showing the tricks of the trade. I started of my my career as a production manager for a large commercial print shop in north California. Since then my passion in life is rescuing  animals and graphics design. With technology constantly evolving I was enjoy showing my course attendees my latest tips in Photoshop and InDesign skills.

Why training graphics design important  to me?
I really really like the feeling that I’ve helped someone develop their graphics skills. Also, I’ve met some great people through training work – not only the people attending the courses, but other trainers in Academy Class.
On day 2 of Photoshop 201 course, I covered ‘actions’. First we created an action which rendered a single hi-res CMYK image into a lo-res RGB copy. Then we used a batch process to run the action on a folder full of hi-res CMYK pics and turn them all into lo-res RGB files. The batch process, of course, saved the copies into an empty folder that I’d created earlier.

Then I placed the RGB copies into a new InDesign document (using ‘mini-bridge’ and the ‘grid’ placement method), rotated some, cropped others, added a few special effects etc, then showed everyone how you could use InD to easily re-link the pics to the original hi-res CMYK images – and of course none of the rotations, crops etc were lost – in order to save the whole document as a PDF for print when you were ready to do so.

Top tip: Avoid Stress…
The reason for doing this, I told them, was so you could work quickly and efficiently in RGB until you got final sign-off on the layout and it was time to send the file out. Adding loads of CMYK files to any document will slow it down, and this method can therefore help to avoid a huge amount of stress.

They were all wonderfully gobsmacked. Several of them already used InD just to cover what they need to at work but didn’t take it any further than that. A conversation broke out among the whole group at the end of which three of them said that they definitely wanted to sign up for InDesign. And one said she wanted her entire company to switch to Academy Class for ALL their training.

Result! Gotta love Photoshop…AND InDesign!