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Mental Training: Why It’s Important To Build Mental Resilience

So you’re uber-talented? The brightest crayon in the box? Or the fittest fiddle around for miles? But how do you fare in the face of sudden job loss, relationship breakdown or life’s daily stresses? Are you mentally fit enough to bounce back, adapt to change, and persevere to achieve your long term goals? 

If not – you’re in luck! It turns out that talent is overrated and mental resilience is key to achieving your life, business and health goals. Plus it can be developed like a muscle. Time to ‘Master the Mind, Win the Inner Game!’

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According to the 2020 Global Resilience Report, mental resilience is defined as “a learned ability to bounce, grow, connect, and flow.” Think impenetrable rubber armour! Physical, emotional, and mental skills can be measured and developed. Performance and quality of life can be improved.

Here’s a few reasons we all need to build mental resilience:

1. Better Stress Management and Contentment

It makes perfect sense that because mentally tough people manage their stress better, they are more content, sleep better, are less likely to develop mental health issues, and show better attendance at work. Stop the vicious circle!

2. Positive Outlook

The mentally resilient are more likely to have a ‘can-do’ attitude, responding positively to change or adverse situations in life and are seen to be more engaged within the workplace. A positive attitude, in turn, fosters stronger connectivity with colleagues and in other relationships. It is probably one of the most unrecognized superhuman powers ever!

3. Increased Aspirations and achieving goals

Those who are mentally strong tend to be more aspirational; demonstrating ambition, confidence to set and achieve goals and perseverance to see them through. Studies have revealed that it isn’t intelligence, strength, or leadership ability that will determine the level of passion and perseverance to achieve your long-term goals; but mental grit. Look at Kanye West!

4. Purpose-driven and strong performance

Research shows that whether it’s on the sports field, within a work organization, or even army training- the mentally tough work more purposefully and deliver more with overall higher performance levels. Whether you’re a leader, aspiring leader or employee, learning how to develop mental resilience is extremely important and will see you through stressful times, periods of uncertainty, and natural seasons of change. Mentally tough leaders work towards clear daily goals, not allowing negative feedback or short-term profits to get in the way of their long-term vision. Think Nelson Mandela …

5. Consistency

While you can’t choose our genes, you can develop traits of consistency and mental toughness. Studies show that whether individuals work in law, banking, art, academia, medicine, as professional athletes or finishing their army training; it’s mental toughness/grit that allowed them to sustain a commitment to their ambitions. You don’t need super doses of inspiration and courage, but consistency. Mentally tough people build and stick to daily habits which help them focus on the important things regardless of life’s obstacles. Focus on Usain Bolt. (Or try as he swooshes past)!

So. What are you waiting for? Launch yourself from those blocks and join our free Mental Training workshop and learn how you can start developing mental resilience to stand you in great stead for work, life, and health!