Midsummer has something special for you!

Isn’t the summer time great?

Thank goodness for the warm weather, but when the showers clear, we’ll all have an even better summer! We think more clearly when we’re able to be outdoors enjoying the sun.

This summer’s flying by because there’s been so much happening with the Euro Championships, Wimbledon, F1, Brexit, new leaders, etc.  But, while it lasts, how about also using this time for you and your personal growth?

It’s time to invest in your own development – to stay on top of your subject, gaining edge over others.

Couple that with meeting new friends – like-minded professionals, and to finding new opportunities, or hey, before you know it, another year’s gone by.

Academy Class is where your development plan can start right now! This summer, you can take the course(s) you`ve always dreamt about with a 30% discount!

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