Nothing beats in-class training

All the crucial and industry-specific digital media courses needed to pursue a career in your chosen field are best learnt in the classroom.

All Adobe masterclasses’ such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and After effects as well as all cinema 4D, web design and all other creative industry offered courses are available for in-class training. This provides the most effective way of learning your craft and here’s why:

It is no secret that people learn better through face-to-face interactions and real-life applications of work as opposed to through a computer screen.

“The virtual classroom is actually something we really believe in too and is considered just as good as classroom training. People can go from being a beginner to an expert every day in whatever they choose to learn regardless of in-class or online if they are committed,” says Academy Class owner Mark Young.

“However, if they have the time and access of location I firmly believe the in-class courses would benefit our clients a whole lot more because it’s interactive and five full days so it’ll be a lot quicker,” Mark says.

Virtual classrooms and online learning can serve as an exceptional tool for overseas or professional clients, who do not have the location or time to access the Academy Class campus. However, in-class training will prove to be a far more cost-effective method of training in the long run.

“If our clients under the importance of face-to-face communication and our courses are designed to effectively engage learners, then there will be less ‘going through the motions’,” says Mark.

“We fear this happens with online learning, as although it allows clients to take the online course according to their timeline and commitments, the struggle with focusing for longer periods of time is evident.”

Academy Class also offer free refresher trainings for all courses, to ensure the information and all the learning curriculum you paid for sticks.

Regardless of whether you prefer online training or in-class instructor led training, Academy Class will always have a clear focus to provide the development of skill and competency of the client to transfer over to their career job.


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