Original Cliches

About a mile away from my home in Edinburgh Krispy Kreme have opened their first drive in (drive in-for a Doughnut?) store in Scotland. That in itself is not big news (though 2 hour queues suggest the local Fish n’ Chip shops might need to step it up a little). Now I’m sure the furore will die down and, not unlike other fast food chains with exceptional marketing prowess, we the people will go back to our daily routine of not scoffing doughnuts. Except here at Academy Class theres a booth 100 yrds away in Waterloo and there’s always piggin Doughnuts being offered around somewhere!


Anyway back to my point, its not the Doughnuts I’m writing about, it’s the Posters that have sprung up around Edinburgh and farther afield publicising the store. Now if you read my recent blog about the importance of Brand on our High Streets during internationally televised events (i.e. Thatchers funeral) you will know that how we portray ourselves through quick hit marketing and kerb-side appeal can have a lasting effect. None more so than the use of Tired Cliches, the lazy marketers signature.

Imagine a picture of a Doughnut standing side on wearing a kilt, lazy stupid and probably only for the American Visitors, they don’t need it, they bring their own with them! or Perhaps one with half it’s icing blue and half white, Braveheart style (because we don’t wan’t English people buying them as well?) No! Or god forbid one in a Tartan bonnet and Ginger Hair…sheesh! However they did successfully manage to create an image that potentially could have made it to the top of my Tartan menagerie of dross, but instead is a perfect illustration that Cliches, however old and tired can indeed work so long as they are implemented in an original and clever way. See.


Krispy Kreme Poster

Doughnut Nessie

Now if you take anything from this Doughnut encrusted chapter in my life it’s this. Never be afraid of Cliches, they became that way because so many people have used them before. Like a good Shampoo they work. Just try your very best to use the Cliche in an interesting and clever way that will catch peoples attention, and don’t get lazy.