Learning Paths

Paste to multiple slides

Captivate makes it really easy to copy objects such as buttons and paste them onto multiple slides in exactly the same position. So a useful way of reusing content that you need to apply to multiple slides.

Select the objects you want to copy on to other slides, in this example I have selected two buttons. Next, copy the objects by using the keyboard shortcut of Control  C  (Windows)/Command C (mac).

In the Filmstrip, select the slide(s) you want to paste the object(s) on to. To select consecutive slides hold the Shift key and click on the required slides. To select non-consecutive slides hold down the Control (windows) or Command (mac) key and click on the required slides.

Use the keyboard shortcut of  Control  V  (Windows)/Command V (mac) to paste the object(s) onto the slide(s). The buttons I selected have been pasted onto the selected slides (highlighted in red), and in exactly the same position as the original buttons.

Simple, but very useful.