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Photomerge: Instant Panorama in Photoshop

A panorama is defined as a continuous unbroken view of a wide spaced area. Traditionally these were created by taking single individual overlapped photographs, and joining them together individually.

Photomerge is a great tool on Photoshop that now allows you to stitch a continuous sequence of photographs together and transforms and blends them together automatically, to provide a seamless finish. Photomerge

How to use Photomerge

1. When taking pictures of the area you want to create a panorama of, the key thing to remember is make sure the photographs overlap, so the computer can recognize similarities between each photograph. You can do this in 2 ways: -­ Stay in the same position and turn yourself around, so the photographs are from the same viewpoint. A tripod can help, however if you don’t have one try to keep the photographs the same angle. Photoshop does give leeway, and can readjust angled photographs, but obviously this is only to a certain extent. -­ Or walking along a path, but making sure you remember to overlap the photographs! Photomerge 2. File > Automate > Photomerge Photomerge 3. Browse for the photographs you would like to use to create your panorama. Photomerge Photomerge Now there are a few different styles in which you can create this panorama for different effects. Auto – Makes the Panorama image to the best it can, and picks which setting would work best. Perspective – Chooses a centre image from the selection of photos, and aligns the photomerge in accordance to this. It automatically transforms and skews the photographs to match the perspective lines of this centre image. Cylindrical – Produces a panorama, which resembles a folded out cylinder. Good to use for wide set panoramas. Spherical – Align images as if it were a folded out sphere. Collage – Aligns photographs next to each other, to create a collage like effect. Reposition – Repositions the photographs horizontally and vertically, and aligns images to create panorama. Blend Images Together – Blends the photographs together. Vignette Removal – Improves darker parts at the edges of pictures, and improves the exposure. Geometric Distortion Correction – Corrects the geometry to prevent distortion of image. Photomerge Photomerge Then click OK and wait for the end results. Depending on how many photographs you use the time varies for how long it will take to create each panorama but be patient. Both panoramas created below are made on the Auto Setting, and Blend Image Together has been selected. Photomerge Photomerge

Learn Photomerge

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