Placing multi page documents into inDesign

I recently taught a course that included a young lady who used inDesign to create Bid Documents, something I have learned over the years that inDesign is used frequently to do.

One of the key parts of any bids that she created was the inclusion of all the certificates and association pdf’s that have to be incorporated into a section in order to validate the bid. This it turns out is something she had struggled with for a long time and had only served to create frustration and disappointment every time.

So I thought of you guys and decided to put this out their in-case anyone else was having a similarly torrid time.


1. Start by creating a blank page in inDesign.


2. Choose the Rectangular Frame Tool and create as many equally sized frames as you need for your pdf. (TIP, it makes sense to keep the proportions of these frames the same as the proportions of the pdf file). Use more pages if you need to.



Create your frames

3. De-select any of the Frames you’ve created and then choose File > Place (Control/Command – D) to open the Place menu.

4. Check the box next to “Show Import Options” and Browse to the multi page PDF file. Once found choose Open.

Set your options

5. An option menu appears, to place more than one page from the PDF select All from the Pages options, or set a range if you don’t need every page. Then click OK.


6. Place the first page into the first frame, then continue for each subsequent page that appears embedded in the cursor.


7. To finish, choose an appropriate fitting option for each frame (TIP, if you used the same proportions as the PDF then “Fill Frame Proportionately” should do just fine).

Multiple pages placed
The right fitting option


This technique works just as well to place inDesign files into other inDesign files also.

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