Price matters at Academy Class.

Price matters at Academy Class; learn all the creative industry necessities in coding, design, 3D works, gaming and many more digital media areas for the best competitive prices in the UK.

UK-based Academy Class deliver all their premier digital media training at an affordable price that can ensure any professional or aspiring client can receive their certification in whatever their chosen field may be.

Offering courses in all Adobe works such as InDesign and Illustrator, coding in all formats including HTML and JavaScript and all creative industry certifications in Maxon cinema, 3D and Virtual reality expertise, experts Academy Class have a price match guarantee and special discounts and training vouchers that cannot be beaten.

Academy Class are always thinking of very innovative ways to bring down the cost of their training services.

This ranges from Early Bird Discounts to self-funding, Educational, Group and Charity discounts. The best way for companies and professionals wanting to get a discount to extend their learning, would be to invest in Training Vouchers, that can extend over 10, 20, or 30 days of premier training in your desired course.

“Offering flexibility and affordability for our clients is key,” says Academy Class owner Mark Young.

“No matter what your training reasons are, whether it be for marketing, leadership, or digital media fundamentals, we make sure to cater to all our clients and either their professional or industry specific goals,” Mark adds.

Previous Academy Class clients are no stranger to singing their praises about how cost-effective and industry specific the training they have done is.

A recent Photoshop Beginning Course that attended Academy Class and their courses had this to say:

“I had an absolutely brilliant time on the course – the content was excellent and your facilities were great. In particular, can I also flag up how impressed I was with the course tutor; Mark was engaging, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. The course materials were excellent and the examples that we were given were really helpful and we had lots of opportunities to really stretch ourselves and apply what we’d been taught to real-life problems. All in all, fab training, 5 stars.”

Academy Class are here to help you unleash your creativity and can do it for a very competitive price rate.

Capitalise on all the special offerings Academy Class provide with their discount voucher training and price match guarantees, while furthering your knowledge and skill set in whatever your digital media field may be.