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For professional or aspiring creatives working in the video and film field; this is for you.

For professional or aspiring creatives working in the video and film field; this is for you. Academy Class’ specialty courses in After Effects are the most sought after courses to learn for all creative media industries.

UK’s leading digital media company, Academy Class, make sure you get where you want to be professionally; and their courses work accordingly to this.

For professionals or aspiring clients working within the creative industry or in the video and film field, After Effects is the perfect course to increase your knowledge tenfold, and ensure you have the industry edge that separates yourself from others.

Majority of previous and current After Effects clients are preparing for work in broadcast video following their training, however there are so many valuable skill sets available that almost all creative fields in video are applicable for this course.

“The great advantage you have in training in After Effects, is that you are not subjected to one line of work,” says Academy Class owner Mark Young.

“After Effects training covers more than enough skills and knowledge within the creative industry to allow you to pursue whatever you may like to. From web video design to working in the film industry and even video projects for your organisation or firm that’ll set you head and shoulders above your competitors,” Mark adds.

Some of the key learnings within After Effects include: Keyframe Complexity, graphs, keyframe graphic editor, expressions, render queue, path text, masks, colour keying, track mattes, compound effects, Affiliate Marketing motion stabilization and tracking, plus many more valuable and industry-specific tools and tips.

Not only is After Effects a recognised certification that will do wonders to your professional credentials, it is a never-dying art that is always being used; no matter the size of the job.

Motion Designer and After Effects expert Jim Pierce had this to say:

“It’s a safe bet that After Effects is used on every single film produced in at least some small way, even if it’s to prep footage for a compositor, or by an editor to add a very specific burn-in to her outputs. There are other tools which can accomplish almost everything that can be done in AE but it’s frequently the best tool for the job.”

Success is inevitable when you apply After Effects to your professional skill set and workmanship.

If you are considering broadening your creative knowledge or need a starting point to get to your dream job in video or film industries do not hesitate to use UK’s leading digital media company, Academy Class, to get you there.


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