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Searching for design inspiration?

A Resource Guide to Fuel your Creative Fire

Designing! Sometimes it just flows. Sometimes you hit… THE BLOCK! And as the moon rises and you are sitting staring at your Wacom tablet and sipping on your ice-cold coffee; you cry for inspiration!

Fear not, brave designer, inspiration is a few clicks away!

With looming deadlines and that aforementioned creator’s block; a scroll through fresh ideas, trending designs may be all your need to ignite creativity into your work. The internet aside, don’t forget to step away from your computer from time to time. The biggest creative pool awaits outdoors and in nature. Trees shapes, street art and architecture could spur on some of your best ideas yet. To save you time and make you researching tasks a bit easier, we’ve put together a mini-guide for inspiration-seeking over the internet.

A few inspiration sites we love includes:

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Graphic Design

When it comes to inspiration for graphic design, logos and branding ideas; it’s always a good idea to take a sneak peek at the design of the brand’s competitors, bigger companies in their industry (with the budget for the best designers) as well as looking internally to be able to tell the story of the brand visually. You want to be able to highlight the qualities and characteristics of the brand through your content creation.

Enjoy a few helpful tools like the 99design Discover search tool opening up an entire database of logos from their top designers and of course there’s Behance; the ultimate social media platform showcasing the work of artists and designers (Pro’s and newbies alike).

Here’s 10 more sites to peruse for graphic design inspiration:​

UX/UI and Web Design Inspiration

When it comes to the best UX-focused Blogs and Websites along with best UX/UI inspiration aggregator sites; we have a few suggestions. Keep your eye on current web design trends, dreamy mood boards and the best work from designers from across the globe. Some sites like Awwwards even give you the chance to vote for the best websites of the week.

While Uimovement will email you with five of the best UI animations daily, Niice is a mood board generator and great place to get started for a new design project.

A few sites to peruse include:


Whether it’s cartoons, animation or illustration artwork, an illustration has the ability to say a thousand words with a single image. Images have had the ability to entertain us and kickstart our imaginations since childhood.

Be inspired by the curate Behance site of Illustration Served or stay up to the date with illustration industry news on Illustration Age

With a new illustration uploaded to EatSleepDraw every minute from users across the globe; this is endless space of fresh visuals to take in.

A few others sites include:

With the tool of the internet, inspiration is always just a quick search away. So get scrolling through a few of these sites, take a quick walk outside and return ready to create with a cup of coffee in hand.