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Setting a default font in InDesign

Do you find yourself having to constantly changing the font choice in InDesign? why does it keep on resetting itself to the same unwanted font? if those are questions you have asked yourself (yes, we all do talk to ourselves, it’s not just you) then you probably will need to change your default font. Luckily for you this blog is all about changing the default font.

We are going to look at changing the default font so that every new document that is created will use my chosen default font of Myriad Pro. First we need to discover what the current default font is. Ensure no documents are open – that is very important, select the Type Tool and you should see the current default font in the Control Panel which is currently Minion Pro, see image below.

To change the default font, we just need to amend the Basic Paragraph style which is where the default font is stored. Find the Paragraph Styles panel by going to Type > Paragraph Styles

Double-click on the Basic Paragraph style to access the Paragraph Style Options dialog panel. I can then click on the Basic Character Formats, and change the default font from Mininon Pro to Myriad Pro and I could also make any other changes I like such as the size. Of course if you are following along, then please choose your own font choice, size etc.

By the way, the Basic Paragraph style can’t be renamed or deleted – just incase you were trying to. You can delete and rename styles you have created.

This basic change can save much frustration when creating text in a new documents, but consider it a basic first step. If you are always using the same font, font sizes etc then consider creating default paragraph styles. Default paragraph styles are styles that are added to new documents by default so you can start styling your text straight away. Keep an eye out for a post on creating default paragraph styles and choosing which style will be the default – coming soon!