Share your AutoCAD workflow with Chronicle

Project Chronicle is a free software developed by Autodesk Research that makes sharing and showing your workflow really easy.

Is basically a recording utility that captures your screen and audio, but not just that, It also creates a time line that shows all the commands and setting used while working in AutoCAD, making the final video interactive, allowing you to navigate to that specific part of your workflow by just clicking on that command on the timeline.

The capture is then processed and uploades to where you can then share it with all your friends.

To Download Chronicle go to Ribbon Tab Plug-ings/Explore and serch for Chronicle, after installing it run it from your new icon at the same location Ribbon Tab Plug-ings/Launch Chronicle

Once loaded, you will need to sign in with your Autodesk Account, if you don’t have one just go to and create on.

Once Signed in, the interface is really basic…..

Check Record Microphone Audio if you want your voice to be included, and press record, now just work as you usually do in AutoCAD to show whatever you need to show, and once you are done just pres Ctrl+F10 to stop. You can then review your recording and amend it if need it, and then upload it to your account at where all the interactivity would be added and also from where you can also share it with other people.

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