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Sharing Library Assets in Captivate

Library assets are objects such as images, sound, animations and videos. They either get automatically added to the Library as you add those objects to your projects slides or they can be imported directly into the Library panel. Assets are automatically added to the appropriate folders in the Library panel such as images being added to the Images folder – helpful.

If you are going to be creating multiple modules for a course, you might find that you need to keep on importing the same content into each module. You might also find that you need to use some of the assets that exist in a project you already have, but you don’t have the original files to import into your new project. If you found yourself in one of those situations, you could of course open the existing project and copy and paste those assets to the new project – and there is nothing wrong with that method. But let me show you an alternative.

Import Library

The method I’m going to show you allows you to open a Library panel with all its assets from an existing project into another project and Library panel. Here is how to do it:

First, ensure you have a new or existing project open. Ensure that you can see the Library panel, it should be in the panels on the right-side of Captivate, if not, go to Window > Library.

Click on the Open Library button at the top of the Library panel (highlighted in red in the image below).

Then navigate to the captivate project that contains the library with all the assets you need. Captivate will  open the Library panel for the captivate project you choose. You will now have two Library panels – one from your current captivate project (left) and the one you just ‘opened’ (right), shown below, side by side.

Assets such as images can be dragged from the ‘opened’ Library panel to the Library panel for the current captivate project. Assets can also be dragged from the ‘opened’ Library panel to slides in the current captivate project. Captivate will then automatically save the assets in the Library panel for the current captivate project too.

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