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Social Media Trends to Plan for in 2019

There’s nothing constant but change, and the business world is no exception, particularly in today’s day and age, where technology has sped up the consumption process and brought the world closer together. With bigger, more diverse audiences, understanding the needs of the individual is still a vital ingredient for success in business. To that end, social media plays an integral role in keeping a finger on the pulse on the needs of the consumer today and into the future.

Like the marketplace, social media is constantly changing to adapt to the needs of its users, encouraging them to engage with brands through various means online. This has allowed marketers an opportunity to capture their audiences’ attention while browsing through these platforms. To keep up with dynamic innovations in social media and the online world, it is vital for your business to plan for these emerging social media trends in 2019.


Social Trends to Look Out For in the New Year


1. Integration

In order to keep up the pace, businesses need to find more ways to streamline their processes, making the buying experience as quick and as user-friendly for the consumer as possible. E-Commerce integration between brands and their social platforms will be a major focus in 2019, with a need for the process to be as seamless as possible among stiff competition, bidding for the attention of an audience with an ever-shrinking attention span. A seamless checkout process that feels more like a social exchange than a complicated transaction is what users are expecting more, and this demand will continue to grow in 2019.

2. Ephemeral Content

Today’s social media users are no longer satisfied with a passive experience, they want to engage with brands that collaborate and resonate with them online. Ephemeral content is the umbrella term for short-lived content that’s designed to be consumed in real-time and is available for a limited period only. Think stories as seen on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, and image statuses for Whatsapp, all available for only 24 hours. Another example is watch parties on Facebook, instant interactive real-time experiences between brands and live audiences. To be successful at reaching their audience, brands must create engaging time-sensitive content that makes them accessible to their followers.

3. Data-driven Content

2019 will see business continue to focus on customizing their marketing strategies to encompass customer experience personalization though tracking and collection of online behavioural data. Despite privacy concerns, the market demands more customization and relevant search results, which means that business will have to continue to find innovative ways to ethically collect info that will help them provide a tailored and relevant experience to a diverse database of individuals.

4. Even More Focus on Visual Media & Content

Online marketing experts advise us that 80% of digital content will be video content by 2019, with a huge focus on visual content in general. Video content includes live and streaming content, representing a major aspect for businesses and marketers to focus on, and CEOs must increase their marketing budget to account for this.

Stay Informed & Ahead of the Trends with Academy Class in 2019

In today’s fast-paced world where the workplace is constantly changing and growing, it’s vital to keep an eye on the direction that the media is taking in order to stay on top of emerging trends. At Academy Class, we’re always one step ahead.