Best CAD Design Works of 2016

Hey, it’s been a challenging year, hasn’t it? 2016 was a busy year for all of us working with computer-aided design. Demand for multi-talented designers is growing, as new horizons in 3D printing, cloud based CAD, BIM, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are taking over the industry. Why don’t you pause for a […]

What’s new on Autodesk 3ds Max

3ds Max by Autodesk is a multifunctional software for 3D graphics, animation creation and editing. The software is currently second to none as it features the most advanced tools on the market. It allows you to apply your skills of: Modelling Material creation Animation Scene generation Importing the plans into Autodesk 3ds Max to help you […]

Practical Uses of 3D Modelling in Daily Life

3D modelling usually conjures up images of engineers using computer aided design (CAD). This is not an unfounded assumption – 3D CAD modelling has revolutionised both design and engineering. However, until recently 3D modelling had no everyday applications and was not an accessible tool. It is slowly becoming more mainstream, as new tools which are […]

Autodesk Releases a 3D Scanning Application

Autodesk 123 D

Just recently, Autodesk confirmed the news that their very own 123D Catch 3D scanning app is already available on Android devices. Android users can download the app on Google Play and can start creating their own 3D models by taking photos of their subjects from different angles.