Time Saving Tricks for Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool for creating and editing photographs and artwork that showcase your skill but could it be working even smarter for you? We have collated some handy time-saving tips to help you work smarter to achieve the same – if not better – results. We offer a range of Photoshop training courses for beginners to experts, and we don’t stop there. Check out these time-saving tips for graphic designers using Photoshop…

Time Saving Tricks for AutoCAD

Engineers, architects and product designers alike make use of AutoCAD to design and draft their creations for their clients. We have compiled a few tips for our students and future professionals to help save time, work smarter and achieve better, more timeous results.

Work smarter with 8 more Adobe InDesign tips – Infographic

We know that you loved our previous post 8 Adobe InDesign Tips and Tricks For Faster Work – Infographic so we have brought you 8 more! These tips will teach you about templates, placeholder text, shared graphics, calculating frame sizes, copying effects and more. Adobe InDesign tips list below: Learn the InDesign keyboard shortcuts Create […]

Become a Digital Artist with Adobe Design Courses

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the creative world of graphic design, there are only a handful of design solutions that can do it all. Adobe is one of these, with world-class graphic design applications like Photoshop and Illustrator used daily by millions the world over. We’re here to share some information on the three ‘bread and butter’ graphic design […]

Ensure your business maximises the potential of the internet

Business Potential

Ensure your business maximises the potential of the internet every single day and becomes the online marketing professional you need to be with UK-based Academy Class’ industry leading digital marketing courses. Digital marketing specialists are now one of the most sought-after positions by organisations across the board as everyone is looking to grow their online […]

Nothing beats in-class training

All the crucial and industry-specific digital media courses needed to pursue a career in your chosen field are best learnt in the classroom. All Adobe masterclasses’ such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and After effects as well as all cinema 4D, web design and all other creative industry offered courses are available for in-class training. This […]

Make Adobe InDesign your best asset.

Adobe InDesign is an absolute must-know training course for anyone working in the graphic design and project industry. Academy Class, the UK’s leading digital media company, can make this powerful tool your best asset. Offering the ‘masterclass’ experience in all things digital media, UK-based Academy Class’s Adobe InDesign course training will ensure you are ready […]

Bobbie Print – Success Story

BRINGING HAND DRAWN SKETCHES TO LIFE Now working in the textile design industry, designer and Academy Class alumni Victoria Oatway, is the founder of her own company Bobbie Print; the home to a collection of hand-pulled screen prints, stationery and home accessories. This came as a result of Victoria’s Adobe Illustrator course training at Academy Class. […]

Become an expert in all the hottest digital marketing trends of 2022.

digital marketing trends

Become an expert in all the hottest digital marketing trends of 2022 including social media engagement, VR gaming, and advertising when you train with UK’s finest; Academy Class. Working in partnership with Adobe, Autodesk, Maxon, Unity, Black Magic, and other premier programmes to offer industry-leading training courses in all digital media areas, Academy Class are […]