How to animate characters by using a webcam and Adobe tools – video record

How to animate characters by using a webcam and Adobe tools

In this Lunch and learn series webinar you will learn what is Adobe Character Animator and how to give life to characters you create in Illustrator or Photoshop by acting out their movements in front of a webcam with Academy Class instructor, Adobe Certified Design, Web and Video Specialist Mátyás Meichl. Animation process is more fun and simple […]

Double your skillset for half the price!

Creative Skillset is offering a pound-for-pound training fund for VFX, Animation, Post-Production and the Games industries We are excited to announce that Academy Class has been selected to deliver Creative Skillset training courses and is now featured in their approved courses list! Why should this information matter to you? Because Creative Skillset is a non-profit organization that […]

Automating Keyframe Animations in After Effects (part 2)

Continuing our guide to Animating with Keyframes using automated techniques, in this part we are looking at using Paths to animate Properties.   Step 1: Create a Path Using the Pen tool, create a Mask Path on a Background layer of your choice. Step 2: Copy the Path Once created, open the Mask (press M). […]

Automating Keyframe Animations in After Effects (part 1)

Keyframe Editing can be a time consuming affair in After Effects. This is particularly the case when those Keyframes are part of some experimental/conceptual composition or when consistent timing is important (music videos for example). This method is a great time saver, and is also very simple to apply. I don’t count it will get […]

After Effects Task – How to prevent unwanted animation

  The transition effects in After Effects can seem to be somewhat pointless to many users of the application I meet on my travels. They can also seem a little basic for such a capable motion graphics and effects package. I always tell them they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (except for Harry […]