Time Saving Tricks for AutoCAD

Engineers, architects and product designers alike make use of AutoCAD to design and draft their creations for their clients. We have compiled a few tips for our students and future professionals to help save time, work smarter and achieve better, more timeous results.

Go Pro With Online AutoCAD Courses

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Before getting stuck into designing the next Eiffel Tower or Sistine Chapel, one needs to understand and be proficient in the fundamentals of the AutoCAD software. Like how graphic design courses start off by teaching basic design program functions before putting digital pens to paper, a beginner AutoCAD course will get you used to the […]

Why Should I Invest In AutoCAD Training?

AutoCAD Training

Probably one of THE most exciting things about being a creative is watching something amazing grow from nothing.  A few little dots here and there, some colours, grids, graphics, renders and from nowhere a character or object appears, has 3 dimensions, movement, texture and so much more. Absolutely thrilling. The same process occurs with AutoCAD […]

Autodesk 3ds Max, AutoCad, Revit, Fusion 360, Inventor and Maya Certification

Autodesk Certification

You will be working and operating in a world of professionals where accuracy and innovation dominate and inspire product development and completion. Being one of these talented and motivated creatives will automatically infuse ingenuity into your projects and achievements. Imagine how you would feel then, when all the others in your group are riding high […]

Introducing – AutoCAD 2015


After a long wait, a latest AutoCAD 2015 has finally arrived! The modern and productive AutoCAD® 2015 lets you design every project with accuracy and speed plus you could share your 2D or 3D outputs in new ways.

Getting to Know the AutoCAD Commands


These are the main command tools where you can create various geometric figures and items on your drawing. Each icon in the Draw tool panel has several options on how to create each figure or shape.

Text upside-down in a linetype

Many AutoCAD users have custom linetypes with embedded text.  We use these lietypes to help visually identify what the line represents.  Here is an example of an existing water main with the text “Water” in it.   Custom linetype going the wrong way. Here we have a situation where two lines meet but the linetype […]

Share your AutoCAD workflow with Chronicle

Project Chronicle is a free software developed by Autodesk Research that makes sharing and showing your workflow really easy. Is basically a recording utility that captures your screen and audio, but not just that, It also creates a time line that shows all the commands and setting used while working in AutoCAD, making the final video […]