Become the CAD visualiser your company needs.

Do you work in construction, civil service, shipbuilding, engineering or manufacturing? Set your goals for the New Year with Academy Class and become the CAD visualiser your company needs. Advance in your field of construction, engineering, manufacturing and even shipbuilding with UK’s leading digital media training company Academy Class and their computer aided drawing (CAD) […]

Why Should I Invest In AutoCAD Training?

AutoCAD Training

Probably one of THE most exciting things about being a creative is watching something amazing grow from nothing.  A few little dots here and there, some colours, grids, graphics, renders and from nowhere a character or object appears, has 3 dimensions, movement, texture and so much more. Absolutely thrilling. The same process occurs with AutoCAD […]

Best CAD Design Works of 2016

Hey, it’s been a challenging year, hasn’t it? 2016 was a busy year for all of us working with computer-aided design. Demand for multi-talented designers is growing, as new horizons in 3D printing, cloud based CAD, BIM, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are taking over the industry. Why don’t you pause for a […]