Custom image buttons in Captivate

Custom image buttons are a great way of creating a unique look or corporate themed buttons for your captivate projects. Image buttons can contain up to three different button states. States are the different visual appearances of a button which will change depending upon how the button is being interacted with. The three states are: […]

Sharing Library Assets in Captivate

Library assets are objects such as images, sound, animations and videos. They either get automatically added to the Library as you add those objects to your projects slides or they can be imported directly into the Library panel. Assets are automatically added to the appropriate folders in the Library panel such as images being added […]

Paste to multiple slides

Captivate makes it really easy to copy objects such as buttons and paste them onto multiple slides in exactly the same position. So a useful way of reusing content that you need to apply to multiple slides. Select the objects you want to copy on to other slides, in this example I have selected two buttons. […]