What are the most difficult things for coding beginners?

As the world relies more and more on technology, the word ‘coding’ is becoming a significant part of everyday life. And as such, it is becoming a common career choice for both the young and old. Coding is what makes it possible for computer software, apps and websites to exist. Web browsers, operating systems, apps […]

CSS: Beyond Basic </br> Shapes

With CSS3 and HTML tags can be shaped beyond simple rectangles.  Below is a list of different shapes and the CSS code needed to produce them.

Find Just About Anything in Dreamweaver

Quick Dreamweaver Tip: Find When you’re working with large sites and an array of related files, such as on WordPress installations, a tiny little Dreamweaver feature can save you tons of time – the find field at the top of the files panel. Not only will it find files for you but you can search […]

Designer’s Fiesta 4 makes it’s way into course content this Summer

Things are hotting up in preparation for the Designer’s Fiesta 4 – and some of the promotional material is being published now. As we move towards our new integrated curriculum we are involving real-world examples in our training classes, and this week saw our HTML Email class recreating one of the email drafts that will be used […]