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The importance of Branding transcends History

Today I watched some of the pomp and ceremony of Thatchers funeral, and regardless of your thoughts on the woman or her policies no one can doubt that in Britain we do this sort of show really rather well. The tradition and order that is so strictly adhered to offers a very interesting, and for me very exciting glimpse of London through the ages. What lit up my screen were scenes being played out in 2013 almost exactly as they had been when Churchill, Nelson and Wellington et al were treaded with the same ceremonial accord.

What did strike me, was the intrusion of huge store signs, advertising and branding leaping out from behind the gathered crowds. There is some irony that in an age of global brands and corporate growth that she herself was instrumental in ushering in that they took such a leading role in the set design as the world looked on.

Thatcher’s funeral, brands aplenty Brands. What brands?

So what does this mean? Well I think it’s another reminder of the importance of good design in branding. Is this the impression of our country that we want to portray, not the pomp and ceremony, but the gaudy bad design of some major brands on every high street and in every shopping centre? Should we be looking to police the “Cool Britannia” branding that sneaks it way into the worlds conscience via the back door. I’ve a vision of the design police (uniforms tailored) descending in numbers to cover up and paint over the guilty before they end up in shot. You never know what world events will gaze their eye over your store window, even if your a small independent store.