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Time Saving Tricks for AutoCAD

Tips for saving time in AutoCAD

Students Working Hard to Make the Most of AutoCAD Tips for Saving TimeEngineers, architects and product designers alike make use of AutoCAD to design and draft their creations for their clients. We have compiled a few tips for our students and future professionals to help save time, work smarter and achieve better, more timeous results.


Easily repeat commands

Use the Multiple Command to Work More Efficiently with Academy ClassYou will often likely find yourself needing to repeat a command a couple times in a row with AutoCAD. This requires you to enter the command and press the enter key again and again. Instead, we offer you this great time saving tip! Type MULTIPLE into the command line, which will keep the command running for you. Press the enter key, enter the name of the command you want to repeat, press enter. Use your mouse to make as many of the object as you need. When you are done, simply press the ESC key.


Tips to toggle an object between model space and paper space

Easily Toggle Between Paper Space and Model Space with Academy Class’ AutoCAD TipsIf all of you architects, engineers and product designers find yourselves needing to laboriously move objects from model space to paper space, then look no further – we bring tips to help you save time!

This command can only be activated in layout view but will automatically adjust the scale of the object to suit the target space for you.

Open the layout view and double click in your viewpoint to activate model view. Proceed to type CHSPACE in the command line and press enter. Select the object or objects on paper space and then press enter. Just like that, this tip moves your objects to model space and maintains their scale.


Tips for saving time with dimension lines

Ensure Your Dimension Lines are Even with Our Tips for Saving Time in AutoCADCut out the long winded process of manually adjusting your dimensions to match your baseline dimension with these tips!  Make use of the DimSpace command whereby you simply enter the command, select your base dimensions and then select your dimensions to space. When selecting the dimensions to space, you can enter a value or Auto. This evenly spaces out all your dimensions in no time


Some extra tips for saving time

Some Helpful Tricks and Tips for Saving Time in AutoCAD

These shortcuts are great to keep in mind and keep your design process running smoothly. We help you delete layers, create corners and select grips with ease.

Type in the command ‘Laydel’ to delete everything on even the most stubborn of layers. The command does not delete Layer 0 or Defpoints.

When creating a corner, type in FILLET which is usually used for creating curved edges, and instead of entering a value, just hold down the Shift key to create a perpendicular corner.

Did you know you can select and move multiple grips by holding down the shift key? Easy as pie!

We want our Academy Class students and professionals to have the best tools at hand to make the most out of their educational knowledge and move up in their careers. With our AutoCAD tips for saving time, we hope you will go on to work smarter and produce amazing designs for your clients. If you want to chat about your education goals contact us today and we will put in a plan to help you succeed.