Top 3 Favourite things in Illustrator CC

Illustrator CC Marquis

Illustrator CC: Following on from my recent successful publication on the 3 favourite things I’d found in Photoshop CC (ok so the publication was this blog….and I  published it, a man can dream can’t he?) Anyway to follow on from this recent success I am going to now tell you about my 3 favourite Illustrator features that have arrived in Illustrator CC. They are.


1. Raster Image Brushes


I think this is a remarkable feature, I love creating my own brushes in Illustrator and up until now I’ve been happy always creating them using Vectors. Now in CC I have the ability to use Raster images as well for Art and Scatter brushes (is there any other kind? Yes ok, but these are the most fun). My mind is opened up to a whole world of Photoshop to Illustrator Brush potential and I’m really quite exited by the prospect.


2. Generate CSS


Anything Photoshop can do… I’m glad to see that generating CSS for the web has been added into Illustrator as well as Photoshop. To often in the past one application has been given one thing but thats not been rolled out to all the other applications that would benefit from it also. Well done Adobe. Illustrators, the world is not all SVG, hurrah!!


3. Placed elements are Linked


As a man who loves a bit of inDesign, I’m coca-whoop that linked text and images that have been placed in Illustrator are listed in the Links folder. Making them easier to swap over, update and edit (if you’re the one editing anyway). That should make a huge difference to all those people I know who design posters and fliers in Illustrator and are always waiting for dates or venues to change etc. Someone else should be sweating that one now hopefully.


I think if you look at the improvements in Illustrator CC theres a lot to go on, not as much as Photoshop or After Effects but still a lot of good stuff to get your teeth into.