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Top 3 favourite things in Photoshop CC



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Photoshop CC: Ok so there has been a lot of talk about the why’s and where-for-all’s of the whole Cloud Subscription for Adobe’s new CC releases. That’s for other people to discuss, right here right now I’m going to talk to you dear reader about the three new Photoshop features I’m most excited to see. That is to say that there aren’t only 3 features to get excited about, but a self imposed limit will give me a reason to stop harping on to you for so long. So in no particular order.


1. Radial Gradient. 


Until the appearance of the Vignette Filter only a short while back I was relying on the Vignette effects supplied in Camera RAW or the maybe even rather more cumbersome use of an Adjustment Layer along with a Black & White Radial Gradient on the Mask. It wasn’t very satisfying. Adobe’s addition of Camera RAW features as a Filter that can be applied to any layer means I’ll be able to add and amend Gradients to an image, or parts of an image without leaving Photoshop. Now thats a simple but very useful feature for me.


2. Rounded Rectangles


Yes! My second favourite shape ever (the first is a secret) comes to Photoshop. Ok so it’s been there for a while in the Shape Tool, but at last it’s an inDesign like panel interface with options on customising corners at any time. This is a real bonus for web designers in particular because…


3. Integration with CSS


I’ve used a few websites before now that generated the CSS3 code for rounded rectangles, gradients, transparencies and the like but now at least that can all be generated right in Photoshop. I know of a lot of designers, and design companies who like to create the concept for a web page in Photoshop as it’s so easy to do. Then put it all back to gather using HTML and the like later for the web. It’s a natural step for Photoshop, to integrate with todays web development workflows. I am glad its finally here.


So is Photoshop a huge update, I think you’ll find it a fairly substantial addition to your design arsenal, with lots of well thought out and executed features and updates (some less so, what self respecting professional photographer is going to admit to finding the Shake Removal fature a god-send? Still I might, but I’m not a professional photographer).