Top Benefits of Live Virtual Learning

Pour yourself a cuppa, get comfy, and get ready for the classroom to come to you! We all miss the thrill and interaction of a classroom but dread the travel time, cost, and effort to get to and from classes. And herein lies the true beauty of live online classes! Courses are cheaper, way more convenient, and while they harness the power of technology they also give you access to some of the top industry experts across the globe.

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Here are a few top benefits of live virtual learning:

1. Real-time interaction

While everyone loves the convenience of an online class, pre-recorded asynchronous classes are not quite as thrilling as learning and interacting in real-time as you would in a brick and mortar classroom.

Live online classes bring you the best of both worlds where you can interact with classmates, ask the teacher questions, and enjoy the social aspect of being with your peers. Real-time question and answer times are now possible and all you need are headphones, a microphone, and a webcam. There’s an added benefit of students being able to ask questions via the online chat or verbally at a designated time. Teachers aren’t interrupted by the class, the lesson moves smoothly and they can address all questions at a chosen time.

2. Virtual learning is cheaper

Aside from the travelling costs to get to and from your classroom and food costs throughout the day, many academies offer enticing discounts on their live online course (we are one of them!). Learning virtually will save you time and money while still enabling you to reach your certification goals.

3. Virtual classrooms are convenient and more flexible

Your kettle and favourite mug are in the kitchen, you’re still in your onesie but you’re about to get schooled by a top design expert before lunchtime without having to leave your house. This is convenience at its best. Live online learning brings the classroom to you. All you need is a solid internet connection, comfy chair and you’re ready to learn from your couch, local coffee shop, or home office. You save time on the tube or in traffic and get to learn in a space where you feel comfortable.

4. Classes led by industry experts

With virtual learning, geographical limitations are non-existent which means your next course instructor could ultimately be teaching you from San Francisco, Sydney, or SaoPaulo. One of the great benefits of live online training is that institutions can look beyond their own cities, countries, and continents to source the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in each field.


5. Lesson recording for catch-ups and as a learning tool

The added joy of learning online is that you’re free to listen and interact without having to jot down pages of notes. Of course, writing key points down may prove to cement things in your mind but that’s up to you. Most classes will be recorded and accessible to students thereafter giving you the option to catch up on missed classes or as a helping learning tool when studying.

Live online training is a somewhat new experience to many students so here are a few tips on how to adapt to this form of learning:

Prepare your working space

By working space; we also mean warn your boyfriend, your mom, or your roommates that you’re going to be going into a live virtual classroom so they don’t start vacuuming, stroll by sans clothing or holler down for you to open for the delivery man mid-lesson. Find a comfortable spot to sit and be mindful of your background. A plain wall behind you is best and remember that whatever you can see on your webcam, everyone else can see too. I.e Clean your bedroom/lounge or office before virtual eyes can roam there too!

Plan ahead

Like your first day of orientation on campus; give yourself a chance to show yourself around the virtual classroom software platform. Do a test run, test your microphone and audio and learn how to mute yourself. The host or instructor may do that automatically during certain parts of the lesson, but if not, the entire class doesn’t have to hear your dad talking loudly on his phone or the traffic congestion outside your window. 

Prep your internet connection

Move closer to your router, ensure your location has a strong enough connection, or better yet if you can connect directly to your router- this will ensure a strong enough internet speed. If the connection drops, don’t panic! The class is recorded so you won’t miss a beat!

Have fun!

Learning should be fun. So interact, ask questions, and reach out to your class instructor with questions. Learning is really what you make of it. And once certified, you will be rejoicing in the rewards for life! Enjoy!