Unity 3D selects Academy Class to become UK’s first authorised training centre

Demand for Unity 3D skills is on the rise as the multi-platform game engine continues to be widely used and rapidly grows. Developers in the UK can now validate their skills as Academy Class becomes the first UK training provider to offer official Unity 3D courses. The prestigious accreditation allows professionals to stand out from the crowd in the hiring process and open more doors within the industry.

The Unity game engine is rapidly expanding, particularly within the mobile gaming market and virtual reality. Some 34% of the top 1,000 free mobile games are made using the engine and it’s estimated that 90% of Samsung Gear VR game and 53% of Oculus Rift games will be made with Unity at launch. The rise of Unity means there is a growing demand for skilled developers with experience and accreditation in using the powerful cross-platform engine to create beautiful and highly-optimised games and other applications.

Mark Young, CEO of Academy Class, said, “Unity 3D is a fast-growing technology used in games and virtual reality environment and is very much an in-demand skill. The sector is rapidly growing and learning the skills now could prove a lucrative move for those in or considering entering the gaming industry. We’re very excited to be able to help game developers now get certified and help those people who want to enter into the computer games development market and stand out from the crowd with Unity 3D skills and certification.”

Game developers and those looking to build their skills can now take a course with Academy Class that will end in taking a Unity 3D exam to become a certified Unity 3D developer. The certification can validate professional knowledge and skills and give developers the credentials to help build their resume and communicate their skillset to potential employers. Academy Class’s 5-day Unity 3D: Zero to Hero Course is ideal developers, teachers and students alike, providing comprehensive workshops to support attendees in building their skills to create interactive, high performance games.

Check out our Unity 3D course here.