Unity is a fast and easy way to begin game developing. Almost instantly you’re an expert and can create games and features without coding or becoming bogged down with technical millstones. This does have its drawbacks though. Some think that not bothering with qualifications or certificates is the only way to move ahead quickly. Some think that being lumbered with more and more specialised documentation can be a set-back. While it’s true you don’t have to have a lot of credentials in order to use Unity or produce results from it, it’s also true that those who opt for the Certificate, do receive preferential treatment. They do become more highly sought after and are recognised as Unity experts.

‘Being a game developer is so easy today. Anyone can do it.’ This is the catch-cry of many a young developer. What they don’t realise however, is that because it’s so easy to follow Unity instructions to create and develop a game, it’s also easy to become just part of the nameless thousands who are all trying to do the same thing.

When you’re serious about standing out from the crowd; when you know that it’s time to be recognised for your professionalism and expertise; when you are ready to be noticed, then it’s time to go for certification.

Think about it. If you had to choose between someone who had a certificate and someone who didn’t, who would you choose to represent you and your results? No brainer. Going that extra mile that’s so easy to do, can deliver exceptional results for you. For instance, when you have a Unity Certificate you can:

  • Have the advantage over others when applying for jobs.
  • Know your resume will stand out because of your added skills and expertise.
  • Be valued and esteemed because of your commitment to training.
  • Receive acclaim for going beyond basic requirements.
  • Rest assured that your investment into your future is well worth it.
  • Welcome the recognition of colleagues and bosses when they talk about your certificate with others, especially clients and supporters.
  • Be proud of your accomplishment when others have praised you.
  • Accept better remuneration and conditions because of your expertise.


Once you’ve decided to take the first step towards self-improvement and advancement, the rest is easy. Just follow the instructions and you’re there.

While it’s not mandatory to become more experienced, qualified and professional, it’s a whole lot easier to do this than it is to remain one of the nameless, faceless thousands of non-qualified game developers.

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