The User Experience Designer’s Tool Kit – UX Design

Below is a list of extremely handy websites and tools to help anyone working as a user experience designer.  I originally found most of these tools from Jenny Shen’s Project Hunt page, which featured a brilliant list of tools and from which we should give thanks to Jenny for her work in compiling this list.

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UX Project Checklist

Displays each stage of the UX design process, with links to further information on each process. You can also tick each process to track what you’ve done.

ux design


Five Second Test

Helps you fine tune your landing pages by analyzing the most prominent elements of your design.

ux design



Framework for creating personas to visualize your audience.




A website with a collection of clever UX patterns and ideas.

ux design


UX Check

A Chrome Extension that helps you identify usability issues through a heuristic evaluation.

ux design


UX Archive

An iPhone app archive.  Useful for viewing the design of popular apps for inspiration.

ux design


Free Survey Creator

Quickly create customer surveys. No ‘freemium’- just free

free survey creator


Wireframing & Prototyping Tools


Wireframing, prototyping and creation of graphic mockups in one collaborative environment.

ux design



Prototyping, workflow and collaboration for design teams.

ux design

Easy-to-use wireframing webtool for UX design.

ux design


Fluid UI

A quick and easy way to generate interactive mobile prototypes.

ux design



A free tool for designing modern user interfaces and quickly putting together prototypes, which you can test on your iPhone or iPad.

ux design

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