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VIDEO: Create a Rainbow Blend in Adobe Illustrator

Below is a video tutorial on how to make a colourful rainbow in Adobe Illustrator using various features to make the task quick and easy.

. . .

Step 1

Select the Ellipse Tool and draw out an ellipse from the center outwards while holding the shift key.


Step 2

Remove the fill from the newly created shape by tapping x to switch between fill/stroke.   When fill is selected hit the / key to set it to none.


Step 3

Select the Direct Selection Tool and click and drag over the (left & right) two middle points on the ellipse.


Step 4

Next, click at the top menu, the Cut path at selected anchor points button.  This will split the ellipse in half.  You can now select the bottom half with the Direct Selection Tool and delete it (backspace key).


Step 5

With the remaining part of the ellipse selected, go Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform…

On the options window, set the object’s anchor to the bottom.  In Scale set both Horizontal and Vertical to 90% and in Copies write 6.  Hit OK.


Step 7

Go Object > Expand Appearance to divide it all into individual objects.  Next go Object > Ungroup to  ungroup all the lines.


Step 8

With the Selection Tool, select each arch and set their stroke colours to each colour of the rainbow.


Step 9

Now again with the Selection Tool, select all of the arches.  Next go Object > Blend > Make and Adobe Illustrator will blend all those arches together to create a lovely rainbow.

. . .

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