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Virtual Reality in the Business

Virtual Reality, or VR, is literally changing the way we view the world around us. VR headsets are now being manufactured by more than a handful of companies, and the cost of getting your hands on a VR headset is decreasing year on year. Soon most households will have at least one virtual reality headset floating about, which opens up a new avenue of promotion for the forward-thinking business. So, here’s why VR is a good investment for a business, and how you can obtain the necessary skills to create breathtaking 360° virtual reality content for your organisation…

Content Marketing

Virtual Reality – Man with VR Headset drivingContent marketing is all the rage these days, with more and more companies manufacturing useful content across various promotional channels to add value to the lives of their audiences. first came print media, then came electronic media, and now we’ve moved into an era of virtual media.

360° VR can be used to create stunning virtual content, including animations and stills. With video sharing platforms like Youtube just having hopped onto the VR bandwagon, and the number of advertisers utilising VR still small, now is a better time than ever to get into virtual reality marketing.

Online Resources

Virtual Reality - Man and Woman Wearing VR Headsets StrategisingYou’ve seen factory walk-through videos, where the company takes the viewer on a tour of the facilities. Well, imagine allowing your audience a 360° insight into your company’s inner workings – where they can look around freely, as if they were standing there themselves!

This is the reality of using 360° VR to add an immersive element to your company’s online resources. These VR videos can also be used to promote product launches, and live VR streaming means your audience can log on during special events and feel like they’re actually there with you!

Bridging Divides

Businesses with satellite branches across geographical areas have one issue in common – integration. It’s easier to say than it is to action, but integration is a vital component in keeping a branch-based business running smoothly. Everyone needs to be on the same page – always.

Virtual Reality technology is facilitating higher levels of business integration than we ever thought possible. For example, technical issues and maintenance work can be further streamlined by using VR. Repair professionals that can’t be at the fault location are able to strap on a VR headset and see with their own eyes what the issue is, and how best to rectify it.

VR is about to explode in the business world – are you going to be a part of it?

Academy Class offers VR courses in London, Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester – as well as online VR courses should you not reside in the United Kingdom. Feel free to connect with us here and we’ll explain just how easy it is to become a 360° virtual reality developer!

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