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Meet Mark Young – Director of Academy Class

Mark Young and Academy Class enable their students to set themselves apart

Mark Young, Director of Academy Class, has no doubt: If you want to be the leading source of community and training for designers and developers, you have a duty to be the best. You have the duty to help people realise their potential, to give them the skill set and competitive edge to succeed in the technology industry.

‘We’ve been talking for a long time about our brand position and our strategy, but I can’t think of anything better than our mantra: Academy Class is the premium training company of choice for ambitious people who want to set themselves apart.’

So, what are Academy Class’ objectives?

At their training centres in London, Manchester and Glasgow, each class is designed to provide new students with the knowledge and skills to develop. However, they are also the perfect addition for those already working in the relevant sector, looking to give themselves a competitive edge.

Mark Young explains, ‘Let’s imagine our work as real coaching for our clients, like a gym. We help people become the best versions of themselves, but through their job. You can be successful by yourself, or you can be coached by a personal trainer. That is what we do at Academy Class. Whoever you want to be, we’ll follow you step by step throughout the journey. We’ll recommend the course you need according to your skill set, and give you a competitive advantage in your industry.’

Whatever business you’re in, success is always a team effort. Mark is acutely aware of that. ‘The support students receive from my Academy Class team is essential. I expect them to be not only the competitive advantage externally, for customers, but also on the inside. Our team don’t just do sales, marketing, PR or other specific roles. They’re team leaders, and also team players.’

How is Academy Class a competitive advantage for Mark personally, as CEO of the company? ‘Having a great team behind me is my most important competitive advantage. A trustful, loyal and fervent team. That’s what I’ve got with me.’

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