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Web design tendencies 2016. What will be trendy this year?

The world of web design is forever changing. As new techniques come about, and preferred devices change, consumers respond to website differently. So in order to keep up with competitors, business must make sure they not only follow trends, but also lead the way when it comes to upcoming digital movements.

So what exactly are the upcoming trends for this year?

Responsive web design

Responsive web design isn’t a new concept. But as the popularity of mobile devices increases year upon year, the importance of having a responsive website cannot be underestimated. Essentially a responsive website is intelligent and can tell the difference between a laptop and a smartphone and adjust accordingly to make navigation and usability simpler. And seeing as last summer Google reported that mobile browsing had actually overtaken desktop queries, responsive web design is now more of a necessity that an option.

Animations and videos

Video content has long been prevailed as the future of the internet. Thanks to YouTube making it easy for anyone to access a video, video is the ready-to-be-crowned king of the World Wide Web. In fact, it’s estimated that by next year, 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be made up of video. So it’s no surprise that static websites, even ones that are cleverly designed, are becoming less common. Websites that greet visitors with videos and interactive animations and graphics are the ones that perform the best.

Long-scroll websites

Another change that has been pushed forward by the increase in mobile browsing is the idea of long-scroll websites. Making sites easier to browse for mobile users, the idea originally comes from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Changing the way websites were expected to work by creating long feeds of information that was aided by continuous scrolling, social media sites such as these paved the way for others to follow. Now moving on from social sites, the concept of long-scroll design is making waves within the web design world. For years websites have had limited content and scrolling on their homepages, however now, websites often contain lots of information all on one page for easy mobile scrolling, but coming complete with anchors for desktop versions.

Card layouts

Potentially a product of social media – such as Pinterest, or Microsoft’s Windows 8/Surface homepage, card layouts are one of the biggest trends right now. Just like long-scroll websites, card layouts are great for highlighting large amounts of content on a single page. Essentially creating ‘mini feeds’, they are popular with a whole range of industries and ecommerce platforms.

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