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What are the most difficult things for coding beginners?

As the world relies more and more on technology, the word ‘coding’ is becoming a significant part of everyday life. And as such, it is becoming a common career choice for both the young and old.

Coding is what makes it possible for computer software, apps and websites to exist. Web browsers, operating systems, apps on mobile devices, social media, and even this website, are all made with code. Now there’s no denying that learning to code can be a lengthy process full of trial and error, but if you stick with it, it can be very rewarding. Seeing a platform grow from a simple concept, to a page of code that then transforms into a fully functioning platform is one of the most satisfying things in a coder’s world. Now on paper, it may sound simple, but there are issues that those just starting out face, so what are the hurdles new programmers stumble at?

Learning the language

Code is a language. And just like traditional languages, there many different languages, each with their own unique dialects. As a coder, you will need to understand – if not be fluent – in a wide range of them in order to flourish and create great-looking websites, apps etc. Learning these is obviously not easy. There will be a range of new words and symbols that you will need to master before you can even get cracking on your first platform.


Any programmer will tell you that debugging is a skill. But one you can learn if you put in the time and effort. Debugging is one of the hardest problems to overcome for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s frustrating. Imagine writing a batch of cade, then realising it doesn’t work – even though you know it should. This is a daily occurrence for programmers everywhere and one that never seems to get any less frustrating. It’s also extremely tedious as debugging often requires a lot of effort to solve the problem. And many of those who can zoom in on the issues are the ones who have a lot of experience.

Designing your first program

When you’re new to programming, design can be a real challenge. Knowing how to program is one thing, whereas turning that into a striking, easy to use and stand out design is another matter completely. It’s also far too easy for beginners to get caught up in the design that they forget to make a website that will be easy to amend and sort problems out in the future. Bad design makes your program rigid and almost immune to future changes. All too often, bad design reveals too much information about how something is implemented.

There are obviously many more issues programmers face when starting out, but these three are the main ones that can leave coder’s running for the hills. Although frustrating and time consuming, with practice, we can guarantee that it will be worthwhile.

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