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What will you learn on software related sessions in Designers Fiesta

Once again Designers Fiesta will again bring together creatives and like-minded people to enjoy and discover latest trends of their favourite creative software. With the event fast approaching, it’s high time to get familiar with the key speakers and see what they have on offer. This year’s workshops will offer guidance around some of the industry’s hottest topics such as 3D animation, HTML banner advertising, animated pictures, stealth design and graphics. Academy Class is excited to bring you top guest speakers from across the creative industries, with representatives from leading companies and advertising and marketing agencies.

If you are a hard-core Adobe Creative Suite enthusiast, we have some splendid news for you! This year, Designers Fiesta is offering you a whole package of Adobe related lessons, tips and tricks. Have you ever been envious of people who manage to use graphic applications, such as Illustrator at an advanced level? Would you like to learn how to draw almost anything in this industry-leading vector graphic application? If so, Martin Perhiniak will share his unique workflows and expertise, that he uses on a daily basis, to work on illustration projects for companies such as Nickelodeon, Accenture, BBC and Pixar.  You’ll see this in his “Learn to draw anything in Illustrator” session only in Designers Fiesta.

In addition to that, Martin will also offer an opportunity to polish your skills as a Photoshop master. If you are a seasoned user who is very sceptical of a possibility to learn anything new in Photoshop, then this session is specifically designed for you. Those who attend can expect some very advanced workflows and rarely mentioned or discussed time-savers and methods. You will definitely be inspired by Martin’s examples selected from projects he worked on for companies such as Disney, Viacom, Mattel and Cartoon Network.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, then join in for some animated action. Whether or not you are new to this subject, Mark Gatter will have something interesting for you. With Adobe Animate, which has replaced both Flash and Edge Animate, you can create great animations and export them in HTML5 format, even if you are a total beginner.  This means that you can finally create animations intended for display on devices such as iPads and iPhones. Mark will show you the basics of a timeline management, key frame management, “tweens”, and more. All without the need for an action script! Excited yet?

What about some Harry Potter style photos? “Animated photos” is not just another name for animated gifs. Imagine a high-quality portrait of someone, and suddenly they blink – or their hair moves in the breeze. These are the images you will want to sit and look at.

On top of that, After Effects will give some motion for your graphics as well. Daniel Walter Scott will share some insights and techniques with everyone who attends on how to get started. After Effects has been the film and broadcast standard for many years now.  It has a vast and dedicated community, and a limitless pool of resources. All you need is to be introduced to its awesomeness and this is what this session is all about: to provide you with a simple introduction to the basics of making motion graphic magic.

But wait, there’s more. Are you up for a challenge? What about an UX one? Developing creative ideas can be challenging, especially if you are under the pressure or cannot seem to connect with the topic. In this presentation, Chakib Labidi will provide you with an overview of the effective strategies that can help break down creative barriers. Learn how to develop creative solutions for websites, apps and services using ideation techniques and methods that will help inspire you. UX Creative Challenge is a great opportunity for everyone who is looking to expand creative possibilities.

This is just a drop in the bucket of the vast amount of sessions Designers Fiesta is willing to offer you! Even if you are not so eager about technology and software, you can still benefit from our event. Simply attend our personal/business development sessions on vivid design topics to get yourself motivated and educated. But this is a subject for the not too distant future!

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