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What You Can Achieve with Adobe InDesign

When it comes to developing communication resources for both print and digital publication, few development programs can hold a candle to Adobe InDesign. It’s powerful capabilities allow you to seamlessly craft stunning marketing materials for publication online and on paper. This article will take a look at a few of these, as well as how you can upskill yourself with an online or in-class Adobe InDesign course today!

Print Publications

Adobe InDesign - Stack of Print MagazinesWhile the world moves towards greener corporate practices, swapping printed marketing material for digital alternatives, there are still going to be things that are better handled in person and on real paper. One of these is business cards, which are effortlessly pulled together using Adobe InDesign.

Another print publication you can practically develop in your sleep with InDesign is promotional flyers. No matter the size, no matter the industry – if you’re using Adobe InDesign, you’re flyer design woes are over! Other than these, InDesign is great for designing letterheads, banners, magazine adverts, book covers and even business signage.

When saving and exporting your Adobe InDesign projects, you can choose your preferred DPI, as well as whether or not to export with bleed lines. You can also select your colour scheme – RGB for digital publications or CMYK for the printed variety.

Digital Publications

Adobe InDesign - Digital Magazine on a Tablet Being Held by a ManEnvironmental consciousness has prompted many to choose digital publications over their printed counterparts, with companies like Kindle and Amazon capitalising greatly. The digital sphere is where the magic is currently happening, and Adobe InDesign is perfectly optimised to see to any digital marketing design requirements you and your company might have.

The digital publications perfect for development on Adobe InDesign include e-books, e-zines, cheat sheets, infographics, templates, social media graphics, website landing pages, and more! InDesign is ideal for publications that either feature many pages, or a lot of text elements (such as a magazine or newspaper).

If it involves the use of both graphic and text elements, and it’s going to be published somewhere, think Adobe InDesign. Effortlessly integrate your projects from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, bringing it all together with InDesign as the final step before printing or publishing online.

As you can see above, Adobe InDesign is capable of helping you develop a range of stunning business marketing materials. If you feel like you’d like to upskill yourself and add value to your company with a professional Adobe InDesign course, find out more about Academy Class and our world-class graphic design courses by connecting with us right here!