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What’s new on Autodesk 3ds Max

3ds Max by Autodesk is a multifunctional software for 3D graphics, animation creation and editing. The software is currently second to none as it features the most advanced tools on the market.

It allows you to apply your skills of:

  • Modelling
  • Material creation
  • Animation
  • Scene generation
  • Importing the plans into Autodesk 3ds Max to help you build your 3D model
  • Importing models from Revit
  • Applying materials, lighting and rendering an image that can be taken into Adobe Photoshop for post-production

Let`s take a look at what new updates Autodesk have released for 3ds Max 2017 users.

Enhanced Object Tool

3ds Max developers has launched enhancements to selecting and manipulating objects make modelling, animating, and other tasks more efficient and creative.

Highlights include:

  • Artists can now use the Working Pivot without having to go to the hierarchy panel by “Pinning Working Pivot.”
  • Local align, a new axis align method, tries to line up each axis for a more predictable result when applying different transforms to a sub-object selection. It can be found in the Reference Coordinate System dropdown on the main toolbar.
  • A single hotkey opens a mode to select which sub-object you want.
  • The added ability to do point-to-point selections by holding the Shift key. If nonadjacent elements are selected, point-to-point selection with a preview enables you to see exactly what will be selected.

Enhanced Text Tool

text-and-shape-map-large-1152x648Now you can add data-driven information to your scenes. Edit paragraphs, words, or individual letters. 3ds Max also retains information such as the font theme, font style and glyphs when you copy text from Microsoft Word documents, easing your 2D-to-3D workflow.

Also 3ds Max users can now apply textures, animations, and effects to text as an object that automatically updates if you change the content of the text. In addition, when you search for a font, the font style is displayed.

To continue with, a powerful pre-set system includes bevel and animation pre-sets. Add pre-sets to your Favourites lists or share them with other users.

Recent Text tool enhancements includes custom value strings which will help you display custom information text, such as the radius of a sphere or the speed of a vehicle in your scene.

Geodesic Voxel and Heatmap Skinning

Now you can generate better skin weighting in a fraction of the time. Run Geodesic Voxel and Heatmap skinning outside of the bind pose, and even on selected areas, to refine your weighting in particular spots more easily.

Geodesic Voxel Skinning can handle complex geometry that is not watertight and can contain non-manifold or overlapping components—as is frequently the case with real-world production meshes.

Learn more here

Autodesk Raytracer Renderer (ART)

autodesk-raytracer-renderer-art-large-1152x648The new ART renderer is a fast, physically-based renderer, ideal for design visualization workflows used in Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360, and other Autodesk applications. With efficient settings, video card agnostic CPU operation, and excellent use of image-based lighting, ART provides quick, photorealistic results for most industrial, product, and architectural exterior rendering.

To add more, support for IES and photometric lights from Revit enable you to create highly accurate images of architectural scenes.

High DPI Display Support

Thanks to recent updates, now 3ds Max users can successfully run 3ds Max on modern HDPI monitors and laptops. 3ds Max now correctly applies Windows display scaling so the UI is more legible on high DPI displays.

It also introduces new Qt-based skin that applies the modern appearance as defined in the new visual style guide, as well as modern multiscale icons.

Better Support for Stingray Shaders

Now you can gain better support for physically based shaders when working with Stingray through ShaderFX enhancements. 3ds Max’s newest feature allows you easily transfer materials created in ShaderFx into Stingray and enjoy visual consistency in both tools.

Template system

template-system-large-1152x696The template system enhancements allow you to accelerate your scene-creation process with new on-demand templates that provide standardized start-up configurations.

You can share templates across teams and offices with easy import/export options and create new templates or tailor existing templates to your workflows.

Built-in settings for rendering, environments, lighting, and units provide more accurate project results.

Game Exporter

game-exporter-large-1152x651With FBX interchange technology, Game exporter on 3ds Max allow to transfer data from 3ds Max (such as models, animation takes, character rigs, textures, materials, LODs, lights, and cameras) into game engines (such as Unity, Unreal Engine, and Stingray).

Text and Shape Map

Create decals and text-based graphics using still or animated 2D objects. By removing the baking step, elements can remain interactive and linked to the original objects.

Font changes, content revisions, and shape updates are reflected automatically with this new functionality.

In addition, you do not have to leave the 3ds Max project to use objects as a mask to create custom decals and graphics.

Enhanced Max Creation Graph

high-dpi-display-support-large-1152x646This node-based tool-creation environment enables you extend 3ds Max with geometric objects and modifiers by creating graphs in a visual environment, similar to the Slate material editor.

Choose from hundreds of node types that you can connect to create new tools and visual effects.

Includes new MCG nodes that enable the procedural creation, manipulation, and use of shapes and splines.

In addition, you can now import data from bitmaps and simulation data like CSV or Open VDB files. These can be tracked with your scene as assets so you can animate accurate simulation data inside the scene. You can also add buttons to your MCG tools via the signal parameter, or color pickers via the new color parameter.

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