Why Businessmen and Marketers Need Adobe Skills

Whether you’re a marketer promoting your company through various marketing avenues, or you’re a businessman delivering presentations and big ideas to packed boardrooms on a weekly basis – there certainly are benefits to be gained from learning Adobe skills. These are computer programs that improve organisational content, whether for internal or external consumption, in a massive way. Here’s how businessmen and marketers alike can benefit from gaining Adobe skills today:

Adobe Skills for Businessmen

Adobe Skills – businessman doing a presentationCreating a Presentation

You’ve got a pretty serious meeting in half an hour, where you’re expected to give a presentation on the latest, greatest offering in your company. With Adobe Illustrator or InDesign skills, you’ll be able to pull together a visually appealing presentation – in no time at all – that won’t feature those boring, stock slide designs that other presentation programs limit you to. In our opinion, a stand-out presentation will have the best chance of success.

Improving Your Résumé

Gone are the days where people can jot their skills and job experience down on a Word document and hope to land that high-profile position on offer – it just doesn’t happen. With attention spans dwindling almost as rapidly as the bee populations, if your CV doesn’t grab a recruiter immediately, there’s little chance of you ever getting a call back. Adobe InDesign is great for résumé design, as you are able to easily manipulate text fields and your design is ready to print immediately.

Designing a Logo

Getting the logo just right for a new company or subsidiary entity is a challenge. You’re almost never adopting the first design you see (or the second), and this makes logo design a challenge – until now! Why not upskill yourself with an Adobe Illustrator training course? This way, you are able to design that logo idea you can see in your mind’s eye – but just can’t get across to the designer. Designing your first logo? Check out our blog article on new brand logo design tips!

Adobe Skills for Marketers

Designing a Flyer

So, you’ve just started a career in marketing and your manager has tasked you with designing a flyer to feature your company’s new product. Without knowing much about the Adobe software, you might feel like curling into a ball and rocking in place while starting at a blank spot on the wall. Or, you could upskill yourself with an Adobe InDesign course, which will have you knocking up flyers faster than Usain Bolt over 100 metres!

Improving a Website

Another vital skill marketers should have is the ability to constantly improve and update their clients’ websites. This takes an understanding of a website’s CMS (content management system), and Adobe skills – specifically in Adobe Photoshop. This is the most powerful image editing software on the planet, and can accomplish anything from blending multiple images together to de-freckling a model’s entire body.

Creating Social Media Graphics

Marketers who are tasked with pushing out visual content for a company are required to utilise their Adobe skills on a daily basis – mostly for graphic design purposes. Designing graphics like social media posts, Facebook and Twitter banners, profile pictures and the like are a marketer’s bread and butter work. Therefore, with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign skills, you’re able to push designs out much faster than if you’re new to the software and trying to figure it out as you go.

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