Why Learn After Effects?

The functionality, scope and diversity of factors included in the Adobe After Effects program are astounding. It’s no wonder that those who master it, become leaders in their field, sought after and lauded for their achievements. It’s an extraordinary creative program that is limitless and dazzling to even the most hardened professional. Still, you might ask – why to learn After Effects with a training provider?

You could spend years learning about all the intricacies, levels, developments and capabilities of the program and still not know all about it – that is, if you decide to go it alone as many do. As a creative professional you cleverly know so much about how to garner free information online. You know you can watch a multitude of online free tutorials that will supposedly teach you all there is to know.

You know you’re good at what you do too. So you know that as long as you’re learning something, you’re keeping up to date with what’s happening in the creative world. Well, that’s all good to a point, and great kudos to you for having the tenacity, foresight and diligence to want to learn more, expand your horizons, hone your skills and stay at the top of your game. But, hey – how many spare months of time do you have to pick and click through hundreds of options, some of which you know aren’t even as good as you?

At Academy Class, our industry professionals have trained and excelled in all of the functionalities and features of this program so that you don’t have to become lost in the quagmire of information overload. They know what to teach you, how to teach it and most importantly, how to support you in gaining the most from each course they provide.

It’s a bit like trying to become a Formula 1 race-car driver. You know how to drive. You know the track rules. You know what you should be doing and the results you want. Should be easy right? Well … er… no. There are features, functionalities, idiosyncrasies and characteristics of the whole process that only a professional can teach you. You can read as much as you want. You can watch as many instructional videos as you can. You can interview as many drivers as possible, but it’s not until one of them is actually sitting beside you, advising you as you drive, that you come to fully understand not only the car’s capacity but your own. You’re taught to win by a winner.

This is where the true professionals come into their own – a sports star doesn’t rely on tips and slaps on the back from his mates at home to become a champion. A real specialist takes the time to train, learn, accept guidance from those who know best. So while it’s great and wonderful that you’re willing to learn, it’s even better that you’re willing to invest in yourself and your future by taking real face-to-face courses with an expert right by your side to guide and advise you as you go.

Academy Class courses in Adobe After Effects are amazing. The insights, techniques and professional insider tips that you’ll receive are mind-blowing. You will never know your true potential until you’ve learned how to properly use the tools of your trade.