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WordPress Hacks for Smart Developing

Time-saving WordPress hacks for smart developing

Get Ahead in Your Web Design or Development Career with Academy ClassWorking in web design can be challenging. There are a million things you need to know and make provisions for in order to build a responsive, beautiful and secure website for your clients. However, there are a ton of tips and tricks out there to help you simplify your WordPress development process. Check out our WordPress hacks that allow you to work smart…


Why use WordPress in the first place?

Improve Google Indexing and SEO Campaigns with WordPress Hacks from Academy Class

WordPress is one of the most widely-used content management systems and is the preferred choice for many successful web design and development specialists. One of the many benefits of using WordPress is that it is inherently SEO friendly. Websites that are built using WordPress have simple and constant codes that make them ideal for Google indexing. Each page can have its SEO components customised, therefore the web design specialist has full control on how they want each page to rank.

Pro tip: Focus your SEO campaigns on pages that yield high conversions!


Prototype websites for time-saving web design

Prototype Websites are a Great WordPress Hack to Be Prepared

One of our WordPress preparation hacks is to build a WordPress site that contains all the basic features you plan to use in all of the simple websites you build. Include the basic functions, style and data that you find most effective and universal. Add some placeholder content to simulate the look of the webpage and there you have it, a basic structure to manipulate and recreate for your clients and replace the placeholder content with client-specific information. Time-saving with WordPress can be as simple as being prepared.


WordPress hacks to speed up link or word replacement

With Our WordPress Hacks You Can Easily Update Content and Links

If you find yourself needing to replace links or specific words and phrases within multiple posts on a website you manage, we recommend using a Search and Replace plugin. This plugin will save you many hours of work. Links that have changed or information that is outdated or now incorrect can be easily updated with this time-saving trick.


Turn your website into a target with content creation tricks

Save time with content Marketing Capabilities and WordPress Hacks

Content marketing is the future of effective online marketing and lead generation. The wondrous platform that is WordPress offers web design and SEO specialists the opportunity to create and implement rich, unique content on their websites that can be easily updated.
Managing your content and therefore credibility in your niche, is simplified with WordPress.

Pro tip: You can gain inspiration for content ideas by using a plugin such as the Relevanssi search plugin, which checks the user search log to uncover exactly what your visitors are looking for.

Our WordPress hacks are meant to help you work smarter and get ahead in the web design and development game. Academy Class offer top-quality web development courses to help you reach your educational goals and excel in the future. Contact us today to chat about your future.