Your Guide To Become A Unity Developer

Have you ever wondered how game developers create their games? Are you interested in learning game development or how to become a Unity developer? Look no further!

We will be taking a look at a lot of different topics related to game development today. In this article, however, we will only be focusing on one particular game engine, Unity, and by the end of it, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • How is Unity different from other game engines?
  • How are game designers and developers different?
  • Which programming language is the best for game development?
  • And many more.

Let’s first understand what Unity is and what makes it stand out from other game engines before we begin the process of becoming a Unity developer.

What Is Unity?

For game development, Unity is one of the most popular engines. It’s just so good that you can create games in just a few minutes. But how does it compare with other game engines?


Unity offers the following features that make it unique.

Simple To Use

Unity has the advantage of being one of the simplest tools to learn compared to other game engines. Through the help tab, you can navigate directly to their manual page if you get lost.


Unity is very affordable when compared to other game engines. You can even have Unity personal license for FREE if you’re just learning game development!


In contrast to Unreal Engine, Unity allows you to create complex projects for low-end devices without requiring a powerful computer setup. On the other hand, if you plan to create a very detailed project, then neither of the two will be helpful. So if you don’t have a powerful computer, try mobile game development or casual game development instead.

As a result, Unity is the best game engine for developers with low-end computers.

Programming Language

Originally, Unity worked with JavaScript (also known as UnityScript), Boo, and C# at the same time, but since managing three programming languages at once is pretty complicated, they opted to get rid of JavaScript and Boo, and stick with C#, which we think is a good decision.

Learning C# is the best way to become a Unity developer. It is one of the easiest programming languages available. Because C# is based on C, transitioning to other programming languages is easier.

So you already know C#, but don’t know how to use it in Unity?

That’s okay, Unity has scripting references too! For any questions you might have about their built-in attributes and functions, you can just refer to their scripting references, where they explain everything.

Development Of Multi-Platform Applications

The fact that Unity allows multiple platform development means that you can build your game first for android phones and then later for iOS, Windows PCs, Macs, and other platforms without facing any issues.

Supportive Community

There has never been a better and more active community than Unity’s. The Unity community provides a very good support network compared with other game engines.

Not only that, but Unity can also be found everywhere. Problems with scripting? A quick Google search is all you need. Need courses? Check out our Unity courses here.

There’s no denying the fact that learning how to develop video games is challenging. It also involves a great deal of work. But in comparison with other skills or careers, becoming a Unity developer is actually one of the easiest and coolest things you can do!

Let's Explore The Steps Involved In Becoming A Unity Developer:

Step 1: Determine Why You Want To Become A Unity Developer

Understanding and identifying your reasons for wanting to become a game developer is one of the most important steps in how to become a Unity developer.

What motivates you to learn game development?
Do you want to know how video games are made? Are you looking for a career in the field? Have you ever had a vision for a game that you would like to see become a reality?

Creating most games, especially those created by large companies, often requires a team of people with different roles. Game designers, animators, 3D modellers, programmers, and sound designers work in this field.

What is the significance of this?

Knowing what you truly want to achieve and why you are on this quest will not only benefit you, but also save you future headaches.

Developing games is a very tedious process, especially if your projects are extremely large.

Step 2: Install The Unity Editor

It is obvious that you will have to install Unity in your computer before you can begin learning how to become a Unity developer.

Visit the Unity website to get it.

When you reach the plans and pricing page, choose Individual under the Personal tab and this will allow you to download the most recent Unity Hub installer.

Step 3: Playing Around With The Workspace

Play around with Unity and become familiar with all of the features. You can also download Unity projects from their Asset Store if you ever get confused or lost.

Step 4: Purchase A Unity Course

Taking Unity courses online is another way to accelerate your learning process. Here at Academy Class, we offer Unity courses that could take your skill level from Zero to Hero. Our trainers are industry leading professionals and you can enjoy live-online instructor-led training.

See our courses here.

Step 5: Never Lose Focus On Projects

It takes a lot of commitment to become a game developer. Unfortunately, we often see game developers start their projects, but after a couple of months, give up and stop working on them. This is mostly true when they only care about the profit of their work.

You need to complete your projects if you want to become a Unity developer. So keep going and finish whatever you’re working on.


Step 6: Launch Your First Game

Within 3-6 months, you should be able to publish your very first game. That’s crazy, right?! It is possible to publish a game in as little as 3-6 months? My character isn’t even animated yet!

Well, it may be true that some games may take more time than 6 months to develop, but the whole point is to start from small games when learning to become a Unity developer. We suggest not to spend a lot of time on animations or graphics because they take the longest to develop.

Let’s say you are ready to publish your first game. How do you go about it?

Your game can be published in many places, depending on the platform your game is built on. The best place to publish your game is on Steam. Create an App Store listing for your game if it was designed for Android mobile phones.

For many programmers, becoming a Unity Developer is a dream come true. The process of becoming a Unity Developer can be difficult at first, but with the right planning, education, and focus, you can succeed. You need to practice a lot, but it will help you pursue your dreams while also creating great games!