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3ds Max: Zero to HERO

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zero to 3DS Max HERO in just 5 days!
Academy Class are proud to present the five day technical training course designed to help you learn everything you need to create 3D content using 3DS Max.
3DS Max Jumpstart Zero to HERO will focus on learning the basics of modelling, material creation, animation, and scene generation. Learn the capabilities of the interface, how to work efficiently, and how to apply toolset in the workplace. This class will take you past the basic level into an intermediate skill-set.
The Autodesk 3DS Max Autodesk Certified User accredited exam is included as part of your training.

The Autodesk 3DS Max Professional exam is available for an additional fee of £150.00 plus VAT.


This is for people who want to create 3D graphics for print or animation. Target customers are architectural practises, visualisation studios, production houses, advertising agencies or other such departments that work in large organisations.


Attendees require only a very general knowledge of 3D and its concepts although a basic understanding of computer hardware and software is essential. Knowledge of other digital media packages is an advantage but not a necessity.


You’ll learn how to work in a production environment, understand the mechanics of 3DS Max, be able to create 3D models using a variety of techniques, work with materials to texture your models, understand how to light a scene, be able to create animations, stage a scene, understand cinematography and learn how to create output for use in post-production.

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Course Times:

9:30 – 11:00

11:00 – 11:15

11:15 – 13:00

 13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 16:30

How You Want To Learn






Where You Want To Learn

London HQ

12-13 Clerkenwell Green


Universal Square
Devonshire Street
M12 6JH




    An introduction to Autodesk 3DS Max

    • Interface and workflow
    • Project folder configuration
    • Viewports & navigation tools
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Reference coordinate system and Snaps
    • Default workspaces with enhanced menus

    Creating a model

    • Parametric geometries and shapes
    • High and low polygon modeling
    • Modeling 3D objects from 2D shapes
    • Parametric modeling, polygon modeling
    • Combine multiple modeling concepts to create photo-real models
    • Learn to build anything you can imagine
    • Scaling your model (reset Xform)
    • Groups

    Material Techniques

    • Learn a material’s workflow
    • Difference between Material and Map
    • How to use material templates (Standard or Mentalray)
    • How to create photo-realistic materials
    • How to apply a material and control its projection with an UVW map modifier
    • Open, save, create and merge materials libraries

    Cameras & Views

    • Create & modify cameras
    • Create camera from view
    • Target and free cameras
    • Viewport background
    • Isolation mode
    • Layers
    • Layer properties
    • Object properties
    • Differences between “by layer” and “by object”

    Lighting your scene

    • Standard and photometric lights: advantages and disadvantages
    • Distributions types photometric lights
    • Self-illuminated materials
    • Interior lighting techniques
    • Daylight system
    • Shadow types
    • Studio light setup (for product rendering)


    • How to animate objects and materials
    • Tips & tricks
    • Walk-through animation
    • Select and link objects
    • Schematic view
    • Principles of inverse kinematics
    • Auto Key and Set Key
    • Track view (Curve editor and Dope Sheet)
    • Populate you scene with people (populate tool)

    Rendering your model

    • Mental Ray® rendering
    • Final gather
    • Exposure control
    • Rendering animations with Mental Ray®
    • Rendering and animation preview
    • Grab Viewport
    • Panorama exporter
    • Print size assistant

    20 reviews for 3ds Max: Zero to HERO

    1. Nii An

      Had a great time with great instructor.

    2. Alex Mischka

      Thanks for the teaching it was very helpful

    3. Shawn Martin

      Andrei was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, however the speed he went at was difficult to keep up with but the breadth of the subject seemed to make it necessary

    4. Eddie Spring

      Andrea was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. he allowed us to try and work out the problems ourselves rather than just fix things for us which I think is a strong way of teaching. Also a nice chap.

    5. Toine Hodgkiss

      I took the 3DS Max Jumpstart course recently, in addition to the AutoCAD Creative License course a few years ago. Both courses were very well delivered by the instructor in a great way. The team at Academy Class are all very friendly and were willing to answer any queries I had.

    6. John Baker, freelancer

      I arrived at the Academy Class in January with previous experience using Maya but no experience in 3DS Max but later discovered this was not an issue. I signed up for the course in order to get closer to a career in Architectural Visualization using 3DS Max. My tutor Ricardo, was extremely helpful and always took the time to make sure we all understood what was going on. The classes are small compared to others that I have been in before, which is a bonus as this allows the student to interact with the group easily. Overall I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone going into this industry or like myself expanding on their techniques.

    7. Emily Stephen, Inchdairnie Properties

      I attended the Zero to Hero 3DS Max five day course. From start to finish the experience was incredibly professional, informative and enjoyable. The tutor was knowledgeable, patient and able to answer every question we had. I would happily recommend this course.

    8. Ian L

      I have recently completed the 3D Studio Max 101 course. The course was run by Ricardo. He was an excellent tutor well versed in using and teaching the software. The class room layout was fantastic. The tutor could be followed, as a monitor between each student relayed all the actions which Ricardo was doing in 3DS Max. If anyone had any problems, Ricardo was happy to help. The bonus about the course was that once the course was completed and you returned to the workplace, you could continue your learning or go over a process again by accessing Academy Class tutorial videos. Which is amazing. Definitely recommended.

    9. David C.

      Excellent training centre! Easy to get to and very well equipped rooms in comfortable surroundings with a professional but warm atmosphere. Ricardo, the instructor for the 3DS Max courses was extremely well versed in using the software, with a well organised teaching schedule that covered a wide range of topics. Even though I was not new to the software I still learnt many new things on the Zero to Hero 3DS Max course.

    10. Jag Brard

      Just completed the 3D maxs training and the training was excellent. I went from knowing nothing to being bale to confidently navigate my way through the software and complete complex tasks that I could not do before. Best place to do course hands down!

    11. Simon Redmile

      Very good, building a little dated, lunch could be done better but the quality of the training on the 3Ds Max course was very good, also the post training support is good with videos to follow up on what you learned.

    12. Verified Client

      I went on a jumpstart zero to hero training course for autodesk 3DS max. I found the course to be excellent and the instructor knew about every part of the software that he was teaching. The centre and facilities were very clean and modern and the location right opposite waterloo station meant it was very easy to get to. All in all an excellent experience and I will definately being looking at doing another course there in the near future.

    13. James

      I did this course last year and it was very good. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Would recommend to anyone!

    14. Interns

      Andrei Goea is an absolutely excellent instructor whose enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject absolutely shined through. I have definitely learned a lot from this course and have taken away knowledge that I can use in the future for my career. Thank you very much!

    15. Kiran Rashid

      Overall, The instructor did well to refine 3 days of training into 2 days

    16. Giorgia

      Really happy with Iman Teaching skills and the way she helped us all the way to the end of the training session, she made the lessons run smoothly and interesting all the time, helping us and giving us direction and help when needed

    17. Anand

      Iman is a great instructor and was very helpful in providing support throughout the lab exercises. She delivered the various topics at a comfortable pace.

    18. Harrison

      Iman taught the course very well. She kept the course fairly engaging which is useful for my short concentration span.

    19. Florence

      A highly informative course with a very personable tutor who really knew their stuff. It was managed really well as it changed to an online course and I don’t feel like this impaired my learning at all.

    20. David

      Good, very clear steps on all of the subjects. I have learnt in much more depth about subjects I knew of and I’m happy with the course overall.

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