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Captivate: Intermediate

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By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Use Importing & Branching
  • Advanced Actions
  • Question Pools
  • Learning Management Systems

  • Accessible Projects
  • Project and Design Templates
  • Variables, widgets & buttons
  • Take the Adobe ACA Exam




Imagine how understanding how to use Captivate’s advanced features will revolutionise the way you work. Take your Captivate skills to the next level. Adobe Captivate hands-on training provides students with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to develop and build software demonstrations and interactive simulations with Captivate. In addition to learning key concepts, students also learn best practices for creating and publishing Captivate projects.

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This course is for intermediate Captivate users who would like to create software demonstrations and interactive simulations. Captivate appeals to a wide variety of audiences, typically grouped in training and education, sales and marketing, or technical support and documentation.



It is assumed you have already taken the Adobe Captivate 101 Yellow class with Academy Class or have the equivalent experience. Please check the course content from the 101 class to make sure you are fully prepared. While we will make every reasonable effort to help, students with insufficient skills may be required to observe the class lessons or do their best to keep up without slowing down the rest of the class.


  • Importing & Branching
  • Advanced Actions
  • Question Pools
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Accessible Projects
  • Project and Design Templates
  • Variables, widgets & buttons

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Course Times:

9:30 – 11:00

11:00 – 11:15

11:15 – 13:00

 13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 16:30

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London HQ

12-13 Clerkenwell Green


Universal Square
Devonshire Street
M12 6JH




    Question Pools

    • Create a question pool
    • Add questions to a question pool
    • Export question pools
    • Insert random question slides

    Advance Question options

    • Create multi answer feedback
    • Add partial and negative quiz scoring
    • Add a pre-test
    • Review and change given answers
    • Create branch based questions


    • Create smart shape buttons
    • Add custom states
    • Create toggle buttons

    Advanced interaction

    • Enhance projects using advanced Interactions
    • Create multiple interactions
    • Control object visibility
    • Create conditional actions
    • Use IF and ELSE conditions


    • Enhance projects using system variables
    • Personalise and collect data using user variables


    • Create and output HTML 5 friendly content
    • Insert a table of contents
    • Create structured projects


    • Add animation to a project
    • Create trigger based animations

    Interactions and Widgets

    • Insert and edit Interactions
    • Insert widgets

    Responsive projects

    • Adjust responsive width and height
    • Setup object positioning
    • Hide elements per view
    • Develop an efficient workflow
    • Understand the parent to child workflow
    • Reset properties for all views


    19 reviews for Captivate: Intermediate

    1. Steve Mitchell

      This bewspoke course was highly informative and enjoyable. I cannot commend Ian enough for his knowledge of the siubject. He was able to answer my constant questions with ease and should a high level of skill in being able to demonstate and find solutions to my many problems. I would certainly attend another course and recommnend it to other people in my team. I’m hoping I may be able to attend another course (Photoshop)if possible.

    2. Christian Pulman

      I would highly recommend Academy Class, the tutor was highly knowledgeable and explained the content of the course in a way that everyone could understand. What I have learned, I have already implemented it at work. I will taking another course!

    3. Ben

      Very well taught course. I now feel confident using the software and I’ll certainly be using my news skills in future web design projects. Thanks!

    4. Julian Mayhew

      Susannah was an excellent trainer

    5. Sophie Armitage

      SME, lots of breaks, lots of interactivity, guides to go through – everything was there that I expected and more

    6. James Long

      Very well covered and has given me the required skills to further my career.

    7. Matt Stainthorpe

      Teacher was great – Knew everything !

    8. NULL

      Matthew is a great tutor.

    9. Nick

      Ben sings way too much!!! 😉

    10. Nathan

      Needs better computers to run the software

    11. Samuel

      After never touching 3D software before the instructor was able to bring on confidence and competency all within a week. His enthusiastic approach to teaching has made me want to continue developing my skills within 3D software.

    12. anonymous

      No objectives or materials given before and during the sessions. Adrian new his work but struggled to teach as there was no actual objectives or plan for the course. Refreshments and staff being on time should be looked at.

    13. learner

      I received joining instructions on how to get here but no manual or details of the course programme, not advised regarding what was required. Adrian was very knowledgeable and was able to resolve and run through the software and issues that occurred but would have been nice to know what we were going to do throughout the week and that we needed some sort of project for the end of the week from the start not the day before so I could have organised something.

    14. Dee

      Overall the a trainer should be training not Developers – the instructor didn’t explain why doing certain concepts at times in training. Trainers should be there before the students not the otherway round. I was disappointed with the outcome of the course in terms of delivery and no course material(manual emailed before the course) the instructor knows about the content, but in terms of delivery there was a lot of jumping about. The course is called Zero to Hero but at times advanced aspects were covered before the basics, also there was no real explanations at times in what was happening and when we had to follow. There It took until Day 3 for it be slowed down and explained in detail about certain topics. Yet again no agenda when I informed Academy about this the first time round but nothing changed the second time round. (so the question about objectives is misleading as there were no objectives) My understanding was who ever trained this subject the same content would be covered this was not the case, as we had people on the course saying they didn’t learn certain topics last time and they did this time. The same was for me the last time I came on 2 days I have since learnt new things and things I was trained wasn’t trained on my repeat of the 2 days. I was reassured when I was to repeat the course it would be improved, sadly this was not the case in some places it was worse. Overall the a trainer should be training not Developers – the instructor didn’t explain why doing certain concepts Overall delivery needs to be improved.

    15. Jake

      Good fun, looking forward to the black belt course

    16. michael

      need more biscuits in the kitchen

    17. Richard

      I found Ian to be very engaging and easy to follow, very interactive sessions which made learning a more pleasurable experience.

    18. Nandi

      I am happy about the skills learned – although be warned – it is plenty of information to digest in a limited amount of time. This being said I would not want less content during the time given but if you were to miss ten minutes you would actually miss something you might have use for – this is worth knowing prior to signing up. Having some 3D modelling knowledge in advance is helpful, as is rendering skills to some degree – but you will learn it all from scratch. Be sure to have a project of your own to make use of the knowledge in when you complete the course as it is too much information to maintain otherwise.

    19. Matilda

      very fun and interesting course, Ben was really friendly and helpful!

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