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InDesign: Beginner

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By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Confidently use the essential feature of the application
  • Setup multiple page documents
  • Import and format text using paragraph and character styles

  • Place and arrange images
  • Prepare and publish documents for screen or print




Introduction: 2 Days
Overview: Imagine being able to create documents of many types, from single page advertisements and flyers, to complex multi-page colour publications after just two days of training! That’s what’s on offer with the InDesign 101: Yellow Belt course. It’s an essential skill for anyone working in the publishing industry, but also for anyone who would like to be able to create marketing documents for their company.

Adobe InDesign is the industry standard layout program. It is used in the production of brochures, magazines, newsletters, and PDF’s. InDesign is also the source for most publishing from eBooks, printed material and even Apps for smartphones and tablet devices.

This course starts from the program basics and quickly builds knowledge and confidence in how to navigate the application and use the tools to create layouts from single pages to complex multi-page documents



Our InDesign course targets the beginner or first-time user and will give you a thorough grounding is this graphic design program. This course is intended for graphic designers, creative professionals, print professionals, publishers, prepress professionals, and marketing communications professionals. It’s focused on those creating layouts for print.



By the end of the course you should be able to:
– Confidently use the essential feature of the application
– Setup multiple page documents
– Import and format text using paragraph and character styles
– Place and arrange images
– Prepare and publish documents for screen or print

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Course Times:

9:30 – 11:00

11:00 – 11:15

11:15 – 13:00

 13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 16:30

How You Want To Learn






Where You Want To Learn

London HQ

12-13 Clerkenwell Green


Universal Square
Devonshire Street
M12 6JH




    Setting up InDesign projects

    • Identify project requirements
    • Establish target audience and needs
    • Apply design principles to create a professional layout

    User interface

    • Identify user interface elements
    • Create and select Workspaces
    • Navigate and zoom documents
    • Rulers, guides and grids

    InDesign documents

    • Setting up an InDesign document
    • Working with master pages
    • Adding automatic page numbers

    Working with Text

    • Creating and modifying text frames
    • Threading text frames
    • Managing overset text
    • Formatting text using paragraph and character styles
    • Placing text from a Word document
    • Spell checking
    • Adding special characters
    • Assigning text wrap

    Images and graphics

    • Creating basic shapes
    • Assigning fill and stroke to objects
    • Selecting and Grouping objects
    • Transform and modify elements
    • Align and arrange content
    • Placing images
    • Frame fitting options and frame shapes
    • Collecting and placing content using the conveyor tool
    • Working with Layers and Organise artwork using layers


    • Creating colour swatches
    • Applying and modifying gradients
    • Working with spot colours
    • Adding transparency to elements


    • Identifying common file formats
    • Using the packaging feature
    • Create a template
    • Prepare page layouts for print

    83 reviews for InDesign: Beginner

    1. Steven Wood

      Top bloke, excellent trainer.

    2. Kim Lowden

      Looking forward to the rest of the curse

    3. Cliff Caswell

      Outstanding course and trainer. Huge thanks

    4. Asha

      it was great, thank you very much

    5. Claudia Mlcek

      Peter made InDesign more user friendly with clear and concise advice.

    6. Deena

      Very helpful and knowledgeable

    7. Kerry Laredo-Vince

      Totally brilliant. Have learned so much. A total convert and appreciator of InDesign now. Absolutely exhausted but very much worth it. Can’t fault any element. Peter Bone, our trainer, was lovely, knowledgeable and really helpful. Thank you very much. 🙂 I can’t wait to apply all my new knowledge and skills.

    8. Caroline Flexman

      Nigel is an excellent trainer.


      Great Training, I’m really enjoy every bit of the class and I’m sure with what have learnt I will be able to do great works, and also a big thank you to my Tutor – Nigel.

    10. Emma Holford

      Best instructor so far!!

    11. Angela Scott

      The instructor was very knowledgable and patient and answered all questions and problems as they occurred.

    12. Sandie

      I’ve just completed the InDesign 101 Yellow Belt course at Academy Class. Instructors and staff were knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Already booked on the next stage in November, would have no hesitation in recommending Academy Class.

    13. Becky

      This was far better than I anticipated. Great small class size made it easy to ask questions in a relaxed environment. Was also able to shape the class around our needs. Brilliant, learnt a huge amount in a short time.

    14. Jeaulina Cato

      Very informative, found it easy to learn and got to answer many questions while learning new things and shortcuts.

    15. Catriona Lawson

      Matyas had an obvious passion for InDesign which enabled him to explain the uses of each step coherently and concisely.

    16. A. Grange, IDG

      I attended the 2 day introductory course for InDesign with Academy Class and was hoping to pick up a few tips to support my limited experience. In the end I came away with a wealth of advice, tips, examples and notes that will really help me back at work and hit the ground running in preparing new documents and materials. The tutor’s knowledge was excellent and he presented the information in a simple and easy to understand way, giving us confidence to get going with InDesign. Definitely recommended.

    17. Evie Copland, DGHP

      Completed the InDesign Yellowbelt course last week. Having used the software before, I was looking forward to learning some new techniques, short cuts and changing bad habits!! I wasn’t disappointed, the trainer was great and had excellent knowledge of all of the Adobe programs we used over the course. Training is tailored to whatever you need, we could work quickly and got a first class service the entire time we were with the Academy. The training environment is fantastic too – industry standard equipment and trainers. The fact that you can learn everything you might need when you return to your office in a relaxed place over the course of a couple of days makes training at the Academy Class the best choice. I’d recommend them to anyone.

    18. Kathryn Penny

      I’ve just completed the InDesign 101 Yellow Belt course. Academy Class delivered everything they promised. Instructors and staff were knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I would definitely go on another of their training courses.

    19. A. Thorpe

      I have just completed the In Design 101 Yellow Belt training course. It was very well structured, providing a good overview of what can be achieved using InDesign software. By the end of the course I wasconfident enough to start exploring and designing on my own. I would defiantly recommend this course to anyone who is starting out, as it will save you a great deal of time, promote good habits and professional practice.

    20. Sonny Lajinska


    21. Kate Kohanzad


    22. Ben

      Great course, great instructor, will definitely do the green belt course.

    23. Chrissie Bond

      I really enjoyed this course, thank you Mark!

    24. Daniel Paget

      Hopefully Mark will be teaching my Illustrator course!

    25. Amy G.

      I attended the 2 day introductory course for InDesign with Academy Class in Manchester and was hoping to pick up a few tips to support my limited experience. In the end I came away with a wealth of advice, tips, examples and notes that will really help me back at work and hit the ground running in preparing new documents and materials. The tutor’s knowledge was excellent and he presented the information in a simple and easy to understand way, giving us confidence to get going with InDesign. Definitely recommended.

    26. Sovay A.

      Attended Indesign and Illustrator training. The tutor was helpful and gave clear instructions, the calss size was small so I could get personal assistance when I needed it. A good learning experience.

    27. Kerrin B.

      I did the InDesign 101 course at Academy Class. The instructor was fantastic. He was friendly, knowledgeable and always more than happy to re-explain points that anyone missed. The course content was relevant and the class was paced perfectly for my group. Great facilities too!

    28. Sara T.

      The InDesign 101: Yellow Belt course was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the basics and beyond of InDesign CS5. I attended the course in Manchester and the tutor taught the course in an interesting, engaging way. The facilities were of a high standard and the other course attendees were friendly and eager to learn. I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot in the 2 days.

    29. Verified Client

      A fantasic 4 days! I went on the InDesign 101 and Photoshop 101 course and had a great time, learning new techniques (which would have saved me hours if I had have known before!!) Fantastic staff and trainers, great facilities and ideal location. Looking forward to Illustrator 101 in January.

    30. Maddy

      Peter was very knowledgeable, approachable and helpful

    31. Alan M Baird

      Excellent! Very relaxed learning environment.

    32. Kendra

      really great instructor, went at a good pace to encompass the different levels of the students current use.

    33. Suze Jones

      Very good

    34. Gina Sheldon

      Pete was a great course leader, his knowledge and enthusiasm rubbed off. I really enjoyed the course and am looking forward ti using the skills learnt

    35. Hanna Kemsley-Gilbert

      Excellent course, well delivered. I started with no knowledge of InDesign and now I feel confident that I could complete most of the work I need to do with it. Amazing how much you can learn in two days!

    36. Meaghan Forrest

      Overall Great Class, Gave me a good understanding of the system

    37. Rachel Moreland

      At times, I found the lesson a bit too fast in terms of showing us how to use certain tools or create certain items/graphics/etc. Overall, very good instruction and I feel so much more confident in my ability to use InDesign at work.

    38. Gillian Craig

      Ian was excellent at explaining and demonstrating how to use In Design and provided lots of useful hints and tips that were applicable to how we were going to be using the package on returning to work.

    39. Hema

      Mark is a friendly and patient teacher, would definitely recommend Mark to friends and colleagues.

    40. Gianluca Iorizzo


    41. Sarah Chick-Richardson

      Thank you for helping me so far. I have learnt a lot and it has made a big difference.

    42. Paul Alford

      Friendly and approachable – good at bringing in real life examples to embed theory into reality

    43. Chris Youd

      instructor was clear and helpful

    44. Stacey O’Hara

      Thank you Mark for all your help

    45. Robert lloyd

      Very good instructor, has a lot of experience.

    46. Georgina Wardrop

      I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Mark was a fantastic instructor and we are already hoping to take a Photoshop course with him again soon.

      I’d highly recommend the course and Mark as an instructor.

    47. Vicki Marshall

      Mark was wonderful. Very knowledgeable, patient and interesting. He showed us additional skills based on our needs and kept training interesting throughout. Whenever I did anything incorrectly, Mark helped to fix it, but also helped me to understand why it had gone wrong so that I could fix it. I would love to attend further training in Photoshop with Mark.

    48. Samantha

      Mark Gatter is excellent. If doing any courses in the future we will be requesting Mark again.

    49. Gatter

      Mark was a fantastic instructor. His extensive industry experience and vast knowledge of Adobe’s programs was evident. He was generous in his sharing of these insights and made sure all students were equipped more than adequately to use the software. I would thoroughly recommend him as a tutor and would definitely attend a course run by him in the future.

    50. Maria Socarras

      Chakib was great!

    51. Tom

      please print out course booklet

    52. Casey

      very helpful to learn the basics of the course – everything from start to finish was great.

    53. Rebecca

      Excellent trainer, gave advice on graphic design principles, client demands and more to frame the couse content

    54. Edel

      The course and instructor were fantastic, the facilities ie toilets were fine, coffee not great, milk ran out and water and coffee but I would book with Academy again.

    55. Olympia

      A really useful training course!

    56. Lewis

      A user-guide to take away on the topics covered would be excellent.

    57. Angela

      As there is so much to remember and so many commands, I expected or hoped for a manual – i have made notes of many many pages, but it would be nice to have this in a nicely written comprehensive Indd manual. This would not replace the need of the course of course, but it would help jog our memory once we left the course (and in case my notes don’t make sense!)

    58. Michelle

      Really enjoyed the course, its contents and the way in which Ian presented. The content of the course is well positioned however, it may be that a little more advanced content could be included as a glimpse of what else can be achieved.

    59. Stephanie

      The course has given a great introduction into InDesign and provided various transferable skills

    60. Lee

      Excellent from start to finish very happy with the service and level of teaching

    61. Karlie

      Richard was very helpful and explained things and was happy to go back over anything that you was unsure of

    62. Madison

      I attended this course a couple of days ago and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! Ian was a great instructor who covered everything in a clear and very helpful manner. I now feel that I have a great basic knowledge of InDesign that will be easy to build upon. The location was also great, close to Manchester city centre and in a lovely modern building. Thanks!

    63. Hannah

      Great teaching. Really learnt a lot. Very benefical

    64. Hannah

      Very informative and interactive course. Received a lot of information and the practical activities aided learning. Fun and energetic course leader.

    65. Sophie

      Very helpful throughout, from booking to learning. Really enjoyed the class!

    66. Louise

      great teacher who comes across like they really enjoy what they do

    67. Joel

      Thoroughly enjoyed the course boxed off all the pointers I needed.

    68. Sophie

      No wifi was bad, teacher was good but at times seemed stressed/mildly aggressive, overall good content. proper coffee please!

    69. Lisa

      The chairs in the room were too high and the room was cramped. The instructor found it difficult to get to the desks. All delegates were waiting outside the room before day 1. We could hear Alex on the phone to a remote delegate saying no one else was there yet. We’d all been waiting for 15 minutes, he didn’t engage with us prior to the class. He didn’t give us any instruction on where toilets were or any health and safety procedures if there was a fire. I found the instructor was repetitive. He kept asking us the same questions over and over again as if we were at school, it made me feel like a child and disrespectful. He was inpatient when asked how to explain how to do something when the person asking wasn’t as fast a learner as the others in the class. He jumped around a lot from one thing to the next which was hard to keep up with, plus the technology in the room delayed progress which wasn’t his fault but didn’t help. If I came back to do another class I would not book in with Alex I’m afraid. On a positive side, he is very passionate about what he is teaching.

    70. Cassandra

      I thought it was really good, but maybe could have suggested bringing documents to build prior to training so we could be prepared? I learnt things quite quickly so sometimes found it a bit slow but I understand others may need more time.

    71. Colin

      Good course overall, that has given me a good grounding in the InDesign software

    72. Adam

      The course was good, it covered the majority of the basics and I am now confident of opening and adapting existing files.

    73. Cheryl

      I throughly enjoyed doing the course. Although there was a lot I was already confident at, the instructor was able to engage me in the material and teach me things I didn’t already know. I would have liked to have more information on the course about colour management.

    74. Jamie

      I thought Pete was fantastic, he didn’t rush, he kept a steady pace which was comfortable to learn in, he also made it feel very personal as he made it feel like we were learning what we wanted rather than just the modules one at a time. Facilities were good and made for a comfortable learning experience.

    75. Megan

      The instructor was really helpful and answered all of the questions that the group had really well with plenty of detail. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues in the future and will be back for a more advanced course to further my knowledge

    76. Portia

      The course was fantastic, I learned so much more than I expected and it has been an invaluable experience. Rich is an excellent teacher, clearly very knowledgable and patient. He made the course interesting and enjoyable, and the practice exercises he set were very beneficial in testing our new skills. I would highly recommend the course, and would definitely be interested in taking further courses with Academy Class.

    77. Diya Maya

      Rich is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and he was very receptive to any issues we faced and assisted promptly. He has a very calm manner, which makes the whole thing less stressful. It might just be me being a bit slow but my only feedback is that we could have some notes to supplement the sessions, as there was a LOT to take in! Especially in terms of the keyboard shortcuts.

    78. Eleanor

      The course tutor was really patient when explaining certain elements, especially if I struggled to follow. He used real life examples which were interesting and answered any general questions which related more to my specific job.

    79. Stephanie

      Booked on the course last minute, booking process was quick and responsive. Information on how to find the venue was helpful. Class was full but still managed to get all the information needed from the tutor.

    80. Shaun

      Really great teaching but the booking and event facilities were not the best. For the price I expected more from the facilities e.g. lunch provided and for booking there were issues which I heard from other colleagues previously. I also had to chase all pre course info.

    81. Paul

      Very good informative course with a great instructor

    82. Sydney

      Ian was great – very knowledgeable and willing to assist wherever needed. The registration process was slightly frustrating, as I was not told until the Friday prior that my invoice had not been paid (and it was never sent to my workplace), which I was only told because I had followed up when I hadn’t received information after extended correspondence.

    83. Mary

      Training quality was great. The administration of the course has not been great. There were more people on the course than there were computers so someone had to use their work laptop. The facilities are not great. The toilets were not cleaned over night, and there is an awful attitude towards plastic waste and recycling. Everything is disposable and not reusable inside the training room and in the canteen.

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