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InDesign: Intermediate

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By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Create complex documents for a range screen and print
  • Utilise image features to enhance your layouts and workflow
  • Create interactive documents

  • Create and apply advanced text formatting techniques
  • Import and format tables
  • Take the ACA exam




Imagine understanding how to use InDesign’s advanced features will revolutionise the way you work. Take your InDesign skills to the next level away from normal working hours over the weekend.

This class provides the InDesign user the ability to hone their skills and move their knowledge of Adobe InDesign to an advanced level. Using the skills learned in the InDesign 101 class, students will create more complex documents and work with a variety of palettes and tools to further understand the capabilities of this high-end design application. In conjunction with our InDesign 101 this course will prepare you for the Adobe ACA exam, an industry recognised certification. You will also have the opportunity to take the exam at the end of the training.


Graphics professionals using Adobe InDesign, who need an essential understanding of workflow process using InCopy with an emphasis on real-world issues and collaborative editorial production. We also recommend this course for those planning to obtain the Adobe Certified Expert status at a later stage in their development.


Graphic professionals who are already experienced in Adobe InDesign or have taken the Academy Class Indesign 101 class and want more in-depth knowledge of the application and the management of complex documents.


Advanced knowledge of how to work with InDesign.

  • Create complex documents for a range screen and print
  • Utilise image features to enhance your layouts and workflow
  • Create and apply advanced text formatting techniques
  • Create interactive documents
  • Import and format tables
  • Take the ACA exam

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Course Times:

9:30 – 11:00

11:00 – 11:15

11:15 – 13:00

 13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 16:30

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Where You Want To Learn

London HQ

12-13 Clerkenwell Green


Universal Square
Devonshire Street
M12 6JH




    Edit and Modify Pages

    • Creating foldouts with Page re-shuffle
    • Using page tool techniques to create custom formats

    Images and graphics

    • Re-linking edited images
    • Extracting image information
    • Adjusting PSD import options
    • Adding effects

    Advanced Type management

    • Inserting anchored objects and Inline graphics
    • Adding type to vector paths
    • Creating a table of contents
    • Applying paragraph rules
    • Modifying paragraph style options
    • Creating bulleted and numbered lists
    • Setting up textflow import options
    • Adding footnotes
    • Creating story jumps

    Advanced drawing techniques

    • Working with the Pen tool and shortcuts
    • Creating compound paths
    • Using the Pathfinder window


    • Creating tables
    • Importing tables from Excel and Word
    • Styling tables and cells
    • Add rows and columns
    • Split and merge

    Interactive publications

    • Creating bookmarks and hyperlinks
    • Inserting email links
    • Placing buttons
    • Creating a slideshow
    • Placing movies
    • Creating a basic animation


    • Publish and share interactive documents online
    • Manage and gather analytics for online documents
    • Exporting files for different media
    • Editing PDF presets
    • Transparency flattening options
    • Customising Preflight settings

    ACA Prep

    • Identify design project requirements and deliverable
    • Using copyrighted material
    • Establish the purpose and needs for your target audience
    • Mock exam

    25 reviews for InDesign: Intermediate

    1. Steven Wood

      Great week, learned loads and gained lots of confidence in InDesign. Simon was an excellent trainer.

    2. Ben Thornton Harwood

      Mark was a really great tutor to have for the 3 days. Having someone who is that knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter made it much easier to participate and learn, whilst some tangents lead to interesting knowledge and wider applications and skills that I otherwise wouldn’t have received.

    3. Laura

      I really enjoyed, I feel my level was a bit higher for this course but I’ve learnt new things every hour!!! The teacher was great giving extra tips all the time!

    4. Bethany Randall

      Very good. Lots of info!

    5. Dean Reed

      It was great to learn form someone of the calibre of Mark. Very sound knowledge and advice all round.

    6. Rebecca Slater

      Mark was very enthusiastic and went through the instructions at a great pace, answering everyone’s questions as necessary.

    7. Devon Emond

      Mark was an excellent teacher. I highly recommend him.

    8. Paul David

      Brilliant! I would recommend this class with Mark Gatter to everyone who would like to improve their skills in InDesign. Enjoyable, inspiring and very well instructed.

    9. Mahak

      Mark is very good teacher and lovely person.

    10. Alicia Moghtader

      Mark has a lot of experience and knowledge about InDesign and showed us a lot of examples which made it interesting. Sometimes it was hard to follow when people asked very specific questions which took a long time to answer and then I didn’t realise we had gone back to the course content so then fell behind.

    11. Tracy Hankey

      Very informative & really helped me learn more about Indesign

    12. Fiona Pearl

      Nigel’s a great instructor, very helpful and patient.

    13. Sarah Savage-Edwardsm Block Solutions Ltd

      I recently trained at the Manchester Academy in Adobe InDesign. I found the course content perfect for my current level of ability and the delivery was great. Class sizes are small enough to get the time and necessary attention required and the style of teaching has proven very effective. I am now using InDesign on a regular basis and have received feedback from colleagues around what a difference the course has made to my abilities.

    14. Katie Nicholls

      Have recently undertaken both the 201 Green Belt courses in InDesign and Illustrator. The tutor was excellent, and covered topics thoroughly and at a steady pace. Topics were revised throughout the 3-day course to ensure effective learning and preparation for the Adobe Certified exam. Overall a very worthwhile few days, which will help me, achieve a great deal more from the programmes I use in a professional capacity.

    15. Darren Gladwin

      Always go blank when asked to do one of these reviews. Recently completed a 3 day InDesign course at Academy Class. From the initial enquiry I found their staff to be helpful and knowledgable about the course requirements and I must admit the price of the course was very reasonable indeed. Couldn’t fault the person running the course. Knew what he was talking about beause he had used this software for years, yet he was able to put us all at ease and if you had a problem he was there to go through it with you. Gave us all additional understanding of getting the best out of external printers so that was a great bit of information too. The course work covered 99% of what I felt I needed to know (the remaining 1% I had already figured out through blood, sweat and a lot of tears myself) The course notes have already come in useful and I must admit I seem to have remembered what he said during the 3 days – considering what we covered I expected to forget a fair percentage of it. I recommend Academy Class!

    16. Pamela F.

      I attended the InDesign Green Belt course and thought it was a very thorough course. I learned a lot on the 2day course and thought the trainer and facilities were fantastic. Highly recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about doing an academy class course!

    17. Emma Holmes

      Fantastic courses couldn’t recommend them more. I’ve had the same instructor for both and I’ve learnt more in a few days then I could on my own. The course goes at a pace which suits all users and the practice examples they use cover a lot of different techniques. So far I have completed:101 & 201 in InDesign 101 Illustrator hoping to go and do the 201 later in the year.

    18. Alan M Baird

      Good teacher

    19. Pauline Allsop

      The instructor was excellent and made the course engaging

    20. Ian Laird

      Ian was very good.

    21. Tom


    22. Clair

      Incorrectly advised which level of course to take and would have spent a lot of time and money taking the incorrect course. Would have been nice if the course took all day (no late start/early finish) or concentrated into two days…

    23. Ed

      Nice chap,, very helpful.

    24. neil

      Very helpful and well informed chap, clearly shows his stuff.

    25. Jessica

      Alex was a great teacher, I really enjoyed my training and I now feel more confident to complete corportate, high end project for my company.

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