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After Effects: Beginner

£597.00 + VAT


By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Create 2D animations
  • Work with layers
  • Apply effects

  • Work with masks & mattes
  • Use color effectively
  • Export files




Bring your vision to life with blockbuster visual effects and compelling motion graphics in Adobe After Effects Professional software. Work with sophisticated tools and enjoy tight integration with Adobe’s leading design applications while you deliver stunning work to virtually any media type.


A person who wishes to work in the video field or who currently works in the field, or an Adobe application user looking to expand his or her skills, looking to add effects to video projects. Some students may be mainly interested in creating video primarily for the Web, and others for film, but the majority are preparing more for work in broadcast video. This course is for people new to After Effects.

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Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of your computers operating system.


On this After Effects training course you’ll become familiar with the After Effects interface learning to create animations, work with layers, apply effects, work with masks & mattes, use color effectively and export files.

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Course Times:

9:30 – 11:00

11:00 – 11:15

11:15 – 13:00

 13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 16:30

How You Want To Learn






Where You Want To Learn

London HQ

12-13 Clerkenwell Green


Universal Square
Devonshire Street
M12 6JH




    Project basics

    • User interface and workspaces
    • Setting up projects
    • Importing media
    • Creating compositions

    Working in 2D

    • Default transform properties of layers
    • Adding and manipulating Keyframes
    • Understanding Keyframe types and easing
    • Pre-composing multiple layers for better control
    • Animating along paths
    • Motion tracking
    • Adding text and solid fills
    • Adding color effects and adjustment layers
    • Using the shape and pen tool
    • Creating and animating masks
    • Understanding blend modes
    • Controlling the speed, direction and duration of animation
    • Using image sequences

    Working in 3D

    • Creating 3D layers
    • Using multiple views
    • Building 3D scenes
    • Adding camera
    • Text in 3D
    • Parenting
    • Controlling 3D object and camera movement

    59 reviews for After Effects: Beginner

    1. Sofia Bazzini

      Andrei was great and I feel confident about using After Effects now.

    2. Davide

      I’m very happy with this first class

    3. Adam Quilliam

      Impressive level of knowledge from the instructor (Andrei). Everything was explained really thoroughly, with explanations of why as well as what.

    4. Sophie Rodman

      Think it was one of the most enjoyable and instructive courses i have been on.

    5. Mark Welsh

      Matyas is a brilliant instructor, he made the course very interesting and did it in a fun way. He’s a nice bloke and knows his stuff.

    6. Jonathan Thomson

      Marek was Great. Thanks again!

    7. Kara Johnston

      Jason was friendly and extremely knowledgeable about AE. He was also able to adapt his teachings to effectively incorporate answers to all questions asked.

    8. Steven Sherlock

      Jason Cox is an excellent instructor. Open to questions and specific queries.

    9. Ruth Mackenzie

      Jason has been an excellent teacher. I have connected well with his style of teaching. He made the lessons fun. Always willing to take time and answer questions. I would highly recommend him as a trainer and would love more classes taught by him.

    10. Nat

      Great Teacher

    11. Alison Clifford

      Fantastic instructor, happy to answer any questions. Clear explanations, friendly manner. Gold star!

    12. Sherlock

      Excellent Instructor.

    13. Alison Clifford

      Jason was excellent, clear explanations and happy to repeat if you don’t understand first time.

    14. Khalid

      It was a very good course.

    15. Matthew Wood

      I have completed a course in After Effects at Academy Class. The course was really well structured. Everything was set up and ready to go the moment you entered the classroom. It was well laid out with a screen between two to follow the instructor and a computer each to have a go at each section. (I was even emailed prior to the course asking which computer platform I preferred.) The instructor was keen and had excellent knowledge. He was always willing to answer any questions and to get hands on if any of the group started having problems or losing there way. The only downside was that the computers weren’t the most powerful so rendering and viewing your work could be a bit tedious. All in all an excellent course, it was easy to follow and you came away believing you were able to produce decent quality work in After Effects.

    16. Simon C.

      Being a relative amateur I did both a Premier Pro and After Effects course in Manchester and found both to be very good. Learnt so much from good teachers who had a lot of patience with us students with some who were already accomplished but needed certification and like myself, novices. Would definitely recommend to others.

    17. Shaun B.

      Did the After Effects basic course, well worth while. Very good and patient teacher, classes structured to cover a lot of ground without being either bored or confused. Recommended.

    18. Johanna Rodrigues

      Amazing mastery and very helpful with any question we asked. Easygoing personality and easy to follow. I really appreciate also the reference websites,resources and plug ins advices as well.

    19. Miguel Resendiz

      The instructor had a maintained the class at a great pace and provided assistance when needed

    20. Ana Paola Gomez

      The instructor is polite, and always have the best disposition to help.

    21. Jayne Ashwood

      Quality all round!

    22. James Jackson

      Very good/useful and enjoyable

    23. Simone

      The instructors was clear for all the duration of the course

    24. Dan Barber

      Excellent course, was able to tailor learning to meet my requirements

    25. Jasmine Shields

      I felt I had to ask several times for Kelman to explain some of the exercises, to a point were sometimes some explanations weren’t very clear and I would need to ask him to repeat himself. I found it very hard to be able to participate in the exercises and also take notes. On a few occasions I would ask how to do something in particular and I would be told we were coming to that later on in the course, it felt very much that he was working to a schedule/script and wasn’t willing to move or adjust anything, even though we were there the whole week, also when asking how to do some things we were told it wasn’t part of the course.

    26. Claire Grey

      Ian was a great tutor, patient, interesting & very helpful

    27. Joshua Parker

      Ian was an excellent teacher who took the time to talk to individual pupils and was easy to approach if we needed to ask any questions.

    28. Charles Buckley

      Excellent! Knowledgeable and very helpful. A lot of thought has been put into the course and I an has been great! I look forward to taking part in many more courses in the future.

    29. Andy Crispe

      Nick definitely knew After Effects well and gave a good insight into how to organise what things need to go where and how to view just the bits you’re working on, which didn’t seem very exciting (and I think most trainers wouldn’t dwell on this aspect) but it was invaluable if I was doing a project of my own, as the screen can quickly look overwhelming unless the assets are organised well.

    30. Laetitia Guichard

      Ben, the trainer is very good. very articulate, approachable and breaks down complex information into manageable chunks. really excellent teacher.

    31. Sophie

      I enjoyed the course thoroughly.

    32. Simon

      Great course with a great teacher.

    33. Samantha

      Great course, needed a lot of help but Ian very patient. Found it hard going but hopefully with practice should get the benefits of this course and utilise them in my current role

    34. vrajlal

      a lot of information to take in

    35. Georgia

      Brilliant course – I was a total newcomer and now I feel confident that I could do the essentials of After Effects on my own. Ian the instructor was very listenable and engaging while teaching. He was attentive to those who asked questions or needed help and gave us interesting tasks to do to keep us engaged! Would highly recommend to others.

    36. Richard

      Great course.

    37. Boyce

      The pace of the course could have been a little faster for me but the balance for the group seemed ok. I like the side demonstration screen and the overall room setup. The computers are too slow. Better coffee in the breakout room.

    38. Monika

      VEry knowleadgable instructor. Interesting, enjoyable lessons, just the right amount of information. Was very happy about the pace which let us take our time to process all the new information that was given to us.

    39. Emmanuelle

      As I am not coming from a Graphic Designer background, I would have benefited from a bit more time practising each exercises and having a bit more one to one help. However in the 3 days, we covered a lot and I feel that I learned a lot and didn’t feel overwhelmed. Very positive indeed. I just need to practise! Ben is obviously very knowledgeable and communicates in a very clear manner

    40. Christian

      Whether it has been network related issues or processor power of the computers, the work process has ben lagging.

    41. Matt

      Looking forward to part 2 Green belt and the fact that I can come back and retake the course within 18 months is fantastic. Great course!

    42. Jane

      Really enjoyed the course it was useful and interesting.

    43. liam

      The training lab itself was not a very suitable, too small, poor tables/chairs etc.. not got suitable air con and far too small for the amount of people in it. also for the price, lunch should be provided. i would suggest that the training could be a little more bespoke if we could have a day where it was about creating our own project with our own company’s assets that we submit before hand.

    44. Amanda

      Would have been good to have a couple of days working on a personal project, however I understand this may not be possible with everyone focusing on different things.

    45. GEMMA

      There was no option of using an Apple Mac which wasn’t clear when booking. All other courses I have attended there have been options. We had no access to the room without someone unlocking the door so going to the toilet etc could mean you were locked out of the corridor and couldn’t get back in. I would’ve expected lunch to be included in a course of this cost. Its a longer walk from Piccadilly than what it states on the details.

    46. Debbie

      I have just completed the three day 101 After Effects course remotely linking up to London. The course was excellent and that was down to the instructor Ben Dale. Ben was engaging, interesting and provided fantastic exercises for the class to work on as well as excellent notes to take away. I would recommend any course with Ben in the future.

    47. Jonathan

      Excellent course to learn the basic functions of Aftereffects would highly recommend for anyone to looking to take their first steps in using the tools to create motion graphics. Ben the tutor is fantastic and very good at explaining step by step.

    48. Jack

      A very good introduction to After Effects. Everything I needed and expected.

    49. Aga

      Great jokes by Ben!

    50. Caitlin

      I had taken an AC Premiere Pro class prior to this which covered a lot of the same material, so was disappointing to go through this again. Understand this was a beginner’s course but felt extremely basic and slow – felt we could have covered a lot more in the time. Feel like we learned a lot of tools but not much about how to apply them in creating contemporary content.

    51. tarcan

      good instructor, unfortunately doesn’t support arsenal

    52. Kurtis

      Very in depth and a good intro to after effects – learnt a lot even though I have been using after effects for a few months on and off… Highly recommended

    53. Cameron

      New Macs

    54. Joe


    55. James

      Thorough introduction into After Effects and thought Tom was a great instructor!

    56. Jonathan

      Felt like we learned a great deal in a short amount of time, Ian kept it all very interesting and would incorporate things we wanted to look at.

    57. Penny

      Great course, really enjoyed learning the basics for After Effects. Instantly want to do more on it. Ian was great, open to all questions/queries and adaptable when we wanted to try something off course.

    58. Georgina

      Really enjoyed the course, Ian is a great teacher, really well skilled in the sector and happy to answer and of our questions no matter the challenge.

    59. Kirsty

      Taken as a refresher course – really useful in helping me remember lots of aspects taught on the course!

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