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This is delivered as a Live Online “Virtual Class” – What is a Virtual Class? More info here

AngularJS is a powerful and extensible HTML and Javascript based framework for building web applications. It is based around the paradigm of Model View Control (MVC), allowing modular development of your applications in javascript via controllers, and has data-binding client-side via HTML, with live data at runtime. This is a far more powerful and adaptable pattern for a web app than the traditional server-side PHP/ASP bindings called only once on the page-load. AngularJS is the ideal framework to adopt for building web applications, and HTML5 based mobile apps. Combined with other UI frameworks like IONIC, AngularJS offers the best practices for making native Phonegap/Cordova mobile apps. The course is two days in length. The first day explains the framework and shows it uses, the second day is used to construct a fully working application that makes use of local client-side storage and server side storage using Firebase.


Web and App developers who are interested in understanding how AngularJS architecture and benefit application development.


All attendees must have substantial prior experience developing with JavaScript. If attendees will not have prior JavaScript experience, we would be delighted to proceed this class with a one- or two-day intensive JavaScript primer.


Students will:

  • Understand the design of single-page applications and how AngularJS facilitates their development
  • Properly separate the model, view, and controller layers of your application and implement them using AngularJS
  • Master AngularJS expressions, filters, and scopes
  • Build Angular forms
  • Elegantly implement Ajax in your AngularJS applications
  • Write AngularJS directives
  • Unit test and end-to-end test your AngularJS applications



    • What is AngularJS
    • Setting up a basic AngularJS application
    • Bootstrap and IONIC UI frameworks
    • Model view control architecture
    • Modules and scope

    Models & Data

    • The role of a model in MVC
    • JSON data format
    • XML data format
    • Simple and complex models
    • Loading model data with AJAX
    • $http service for handling JSON
    • Binding data to HTML
    • Filtering data using directives
    • Templates and template engines

    Application Design Patterns

    • Controllers and modules
    • Application routes
    • Dividing your application into partials
    • What is deep linking and its uses?
    • $routeProvider service
    • Creating application navigation
    • Using bootstrap for UI
    • Using IONIC for UI
    • View controllers
    • Navigation applications
    • Tabbed applications
    • Modal views
    • Animating user interface with CSS
    • Angular animation events

    Working with Other Frameworks

    • Using JQuery
    • How to integrate with NodeJS
    • How to integrate with Phonegap / Cordova
    • Using Firebase for server-side storage and user authentication

    Building a Mobile Application

    • Choosing the correct platform
    • Web application or native app with Phonegap
    • User interface choices:
    • JQuery mobile
    • Sencha touch
    • IONIC
    • Custom
    • Planning applications with an object graph
    • Creating a full working application
    • Local Storage verses server-side storage
    • Using Firebase
    • Publishing / distributing your app.

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      The trainer from Academy Class was very competent and really helped us understand all we needed to know about the program.

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      Great experience overall, knowledgeable tutors, good variety of courses to choose from, cool selection of lunch sandwiches. Learned a lot and really recommend Academy Class to others who want to kick start their career.

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