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Davinci Resolve: Beginner

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Learn the basics of color correction and grading using Divinci Resolve. This 2 day hands-on Davinci Resolve training course will teach you the key tools & the colour correction & grading process.

Learn the rules and process of Colour Correction, how to read scopes and use them to analyse and fix shots. How to use qualifiers and masks to do secondary correction and build grades. How to track elements in a shot, and how to colour correct over a sequence. And how to save and apply grades over a sequence.

What Will You Learn in The Beginner Davinci Resolve Training Course

This course is designed to teach Divinci Resolve and the basic principles and process of colour correction and grading to anyone with little or no prior experience. You will learn how to navigate the software interface, manage your media and basic editing, colour correction theory, primary correction, gradients and more.

Once you have completed the beginner course we recommend taking the intermediate course as well.


A basic understanding of video editing is desired.


    Day 1


    • Project Manager
    • Pages
    • Project Settings


    ● Storage Library to Media Pool
    ● Scene Cut Detection

    Media Management:
    ● Organisation and Smart Bins
    ● Relinking
    ● Flagging and Marking

    Basic Editing Controls
    CC Theory
    ● Understanding Primaries and Log
    ● Colour Grade Workflow

    Primary Grading:
    ● Normalisation/Auto Balance
    ● Shot Matching
    ● Reading Scopes
    Grading palettes:
    ● Curves
    ● Colour Wheels
    ● Using the Viewer
    ● Clip Comparison
    ● Gallery

    Day 2

    XML Timelines:
    ● Offline Reference Movies
    ● Conforming
    Resolve Colour Management
    Secondary Grading:
    ● Qualifier
    ● Power Windows
    ● Motion Tracking:
    ● Stabilisation
    ● Match Move

    3 reviews for Davinci Resolve: Beginner

    1. Jason Farrar

      The tutor from Academy Class was very helpful and answered questions in a helpful manor. The course was well structured and gave us the chance to experiment with the programme. As the course was very interactive it made it easier to learn.

    2. Kelsey Eichhorn, Arup

      Academy Class helped me create a bespoke one-on-one colour course that was completely tailored to what i wanted to learn. The instructor was knowledgeable and also flexible, so I was able to learn everything I wanted in a single day. I would and will definitely use their service again for all my training needs.

    3. Verified Client

      The course was perfectly structured to help us get exactly what we where after… and any question we had was answered in more detail than I’d expect. Perfect!

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